How To: Using Face Brushes!

Friday, May 9, 2014


This brush is great for contouring the sides of your nose, or applying translucent powder under the eyes, this also can be used to apply highlight on the above the cheekbones, down the nose and on the cupids bow.. Its small and sleek and gives you plenty of control of where your placing product.

This brush is very fluffy meaning its great for applying translucent powder or your favorite setting powder all over the face. It can also be used for blush, even though its larger than a normal blush brush, this will allow you a sheer application of blush and be able to blend it out easily.

This brush is great for applying translucent powder or your favorite setting powder all over your face. Its large enough that a few sweeps will transfer product on your face without having to go back over it time and time again. This can also be used to blend out bronzer and blush, it gives you a large surface area to work your blush and bronzer together and blend it in seamlessly.

This brush can also be great for contouring the sides of your nose, but also contouring any part of your face, neck and chest. This can also be used to apply powder onto the face in those hard to reach areas. 

Due Fibre brushes are cream for applying cream products to the face, they are great for a flawless foundation application but also can be great when applying cream blush and bronzer, it allows you to pick up a very little bit of product and build up to the color you want, this also makes blending the product out very easy. 

Small Due Fibre brushes are great for applying concealer around the yes or spot treating blemishes. They can also be used to apply cream blush, bronzer or highlight if your cheek area is smaller. Although most times you will have to spend more time doing this where your brush is smaller.

This brushes is great if you decide to use a concealer as a foundation, its easy to put concealer on and blend flawlessly into the skin. It is also great for potted concealers, the brush can pick on the concealer and then swipe it on the face as if you were painting. This works great for under the eyes and around the nose and mouth for redness as well. 

This brush has many uses and some that I find helpful are using it to blend/buff in foundation, you can place the foundation on the back on your hand, pat the brush it and use circular motions on the face to buff in foundation for a flawless look. This also works for other cream products such as cream highlighers, blushes and bronzer. You could also use this brush to apply translucent setting powder or your favorite setting powder all over your face!

I hope this post as helped you in some way!
Did I forget any brushes?
What else do you use your brushes for?
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  1. Do you only use the sigma brushes? I have the real technique ones which I LOVE but I was thinking about purchasing some sigma brushes.

    1. I actually don't use Sigma Brushes at all, these were just really easy to edit and add to this post. I actually use the Real Techniques and ELF Brushes along with some random cheap ones.


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