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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don't you just ever walk into a store see a beauty item and just think  "I need that!" - Yeah, me too and so unfortunately because of that I have picked up and tested out a few products that are just not worth the hype, money or time in my makeup routine! Please remember these are only my opinions and if one of these products has worked for you: that's great! These are just items that did not work for me for some reason or another!

Herbal Essense Moisture Shampoo:
 After hearing many rave reviews about this products I thought I would give it a try! I use the Herbal Essense line of shampoo's in my everyday hair care but I'm always switching up the type I use and since I have been noticing that my hair has been much more dry and flaky I thought this shampoo would work out well for me. However I was very wrong. Upon first use I noticed that the shampoo was very watery, I also noticed that when I washed my hair very little bubbles and suds formed which I figured meant that the shampoo was not washing my hair! I was right, after using about half the bottle my hair was very greasy and honestly VERY dry, my hair was breaking off at the ends and was very hard (almost like I'd loaded it with hairspray) towards the roots of my hair. This was just not a pleasant experience and this product was a major downer for me.

Hard Candy Top 10 Collection Eyeshadow Palette
in Smoke Out! 
This palette has been sitting in my collection for quite some time now and I keep trying it and testing it out however this just isn't something I enjoy or like. I love the super smooth and soft formula of the eyeshadows, however this leaves them with a lot of fallout when you place them on the eyes. I also find that this particular palette is filled with glitter in most shadows and that also causes more fallout. The other thing that I wasn't impressed with was the range of shadows in this palette, many of the grey shades apply exactly the same color and don't have much difference in shade range. I also find the shadows are so packed full of glitter that they tend to just fall off my eyes and fade away with a few hours. I may try and use this palette through the summer for the glitter and shimmer aspect but this palette does nothing for me.

LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadows
in Ammunition
This palette is actually not a complete fail for me, but however it is something that is very childish because of the formula and glitter aspect of the palette. The shadows in this palette are extremely creamy and smooth, however they are a bit powdery and the glitter inside the shadows also has a lot of fallout! I love both the first and third shadow in this palette because they have great pigmentation and don't seem to have all that much fallout, however the other colors are have very little pigmentation but seem to almost be like a glitter over-sheen once applied to the eyes.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer
First of all the smell, this smells worse than that old makeup kind of smell that Covergirl has, its very heavily perfumed and I was not a fan of the scent. It also worried me of what was in the product and thus going onto my face. I have no tried this primer in a while do to the effects of the smell and because it also was a greasy type of primer. It also comes in a very dark bronze color, but that color fades away when applied to the skin. I may try this again (if I can get over the smell) to see if my face has any reactions to it, but I'm scared to put it to the test anymore.

Rimmel Show Off Mascara
I was on the hunt for a new mascara to try out, since I really only stick to the same ones time and time again. I saw a display at my local Wal-Mart a while back of several of the Rimmel mascaras for only $5 and I thought it would be the perfect time to pick one up. Lets just say I won't be testing one anymore Rimmel mascaras for a while. I'm not sure if I just got a bad tube or what, but honest the mascara is stuck in the tube. It took me forever to be able to get the wand out and when I did there was VERY little transfer of the mascara from the wand to my lashes. Honestly this product I may just throw out all together.

ELF Mineral Lipsticks
I love ELF products and I do love the formula of these lipsticks however I picked up four shades when ELF was having a massive sale and I have to say that all of the shades are very 'grandma' they are very brown toned and just don't suit my skin tone at all! I also have to mention that two of the four lipstick packages came broken, both bottoms fall off of these tubs and the lipsticks will not twist up in the tube at all. I decided not to exchange these because I can still work with the lipstick in the tube using a lip brush, but I'm just not a fan of the colors. I do have to say these are super moisturizing and creamy though! I'm interested to see if the Studio Line lipsticks have better results!

Those are all of the products that I regret buying over the last little bit, if you would like to see more indepth reviews of any of these products or would like to see swatches to see how they perform let me know and I will do that on my instagram (link you can find below)!


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  1. Great post hun! I agree with most of the things mentioned here. It's nice to se a what not to buy post xo


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