Saturday, May 31, 2014

This month has been very calm for me in the realm of buying and testing new things out. I have purchased a few new beauty items but haven't had a whole lot of time to try them, so this month is going to be dedicated to holy grail type of products and things that are old but that I've been reaching for a lot!

Wet N Wild Color Icon Shadow Palettes! | $3-5
This has been a staple in my collection for quite sometime but recently I purchased the Poster Child 8 Pan Palette and this is a go to palette for me. In the beginning I was not sure how I was going to use such bright shadows in my looks but I have come up with a few ways to use them and moving into the more summertime weather I'm really getting good use of this palette!

Revlon Lip Butters | $7-8
As always during the spring and summertime I am constantly reaching for something that will keep my lips hydrated and feeling smooth while at the same time giving me a slight or bright pop of color and the Lip Butters do it for me every season! These are a product that have been constantly in my purse over the last couple of weeks and something I don't see going anywhere anytime soon!

Milani Eyeshadow Primer | $10
As if I didn't rave about this enough in my last post I also included it in my monthly favorites because there really isn't something else I have loved this month more than this primer. I've been loving using this everyday but especially with my Naked 2 Palette because it really helps the pigmentation stay all day and keeps everything in place! If you want to see more about this product see my last post!

Almay Get Up & Grow Mascara | $7-8
Recently I was watching several youtube videos and heard some of the beauty guru's I watch talking about this mascara, since Almay was on sale at my local drugstore I went in and picked this up. I have a love hate relationship with this product, I was not a fan of this product at first but the more and more I use it the more I am falling in love with this mascara - I plan to have a full review on this product soon!

I hope you enjoyed my quick little Monthly Favorites, I honest have been flip flopping with my beauty products all month so its hard for me to just pick a few item to talk about. I hope this gave you an idea of what my favorite were but also the products I use 365 days a year!


  1. Have you ever tried the urban decay eyeshadow primer? I used to swear by it! I wonder if this one is better.

    Hunni of

    1. I have tried samples of the Urban Decay one and unfortunately I hate it! Its very greasy and slippery to me and my eyeshadows (from my Naked 2 Palette) just faded after about an hour! I actually do find this one better. I have some more samples to test and then maybe I will do a comparison post!

  2. I love the Revlon Lip butters!! I have the Sweet Tart one which I wear almost everyday!
    Most of these brands aren't available in the UK but they sound great!


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