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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review of my Milani Brow Products!
Products (top to bottom):
Brow Shaping Clear Gel | Price: $4.49
Easybrow Pencil | $5.49
Brow & Eye Highlighter | $6.49
Clear Brow Wax | $4.49

In the last couple of months I have been really interested in getting my brows in shape, I have very large thick eyebrows and they just can get so messy, I'm really working on being able to fill the in and keep the in place and then I plan to do more with actually shaping them and working with them a bit more. To start me off on my eyebrow journey I have discovered many of the Milani Eye Brow products, I decided to give these products a try because they are super affordable (as seen above) and because they do have a variety (such as brow pencils, gel and wax). I thought this variety would give me plenty to play around with!

 Milani Clear Brow Shaping Gel | Price: $4.49
I've always loved using Brow Gel to keep my eye brows in place and I've used the Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara/Bro Gel however I found the wand big and the product clumpy. I love this brow gel because it has a super small brush (about half the size of a mascara wand), its really easy to coat my whole brow with the product and it really keeps my brows in place all day.

Milani Easybrow Pencil | Price: $5.49
This was the first Milani brow product that I purchase and I was very uneasy about the color choice since this is actually labeled 'Taupe' (I believe), it however did match my blonde hair and eyebrows, This has a great comb on one end that I use every single day for combing through my brows and getting them ready to be set in place before applying product throughout them. The other end is the eyebrow pencil, it is a very smooth formula and glides into my eyebrows effortlessly. However mine is very hard to twist up (I think it got broken before I purchased it).

Milani Brow & Eye Highlighter | Price: $6.49
I love this product as well, on one end it is meant to be a highlighter for around the eyebrows and the other end is also meant to be the same. However I actually use this to fill in my eyebrows, the darker end works perfectly to do that, the other end however doesn't work as a highlighter for me because it is a very orange/yellow shade. I do however want to buy the lighter shade because I do want to do some more highlighting techniques for my eyebrows.

Milani Clear Brow Wax | Price: $4.49
This is also another great product that Milani has created I really love using this product when my eyebrows are super crazy and all over the place and I really want to make them stay in place. I tend to get flyaway hairs on the inner parts and this brow wax really helps to keep them down and in place. This is a very smooth consistency and doesn't pull the skin when applied which is a bonus.

Have you guy tried any of the Milani Brow Products? What are your favorites?

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  1. I might have to try these out, Milani makeup is one of my favs! Love the review Krystal!


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