Coverigirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Line | First Impressions!

Monday, July 7, 2014

I am not a fan of testing and trying out new foundation because I have severe acne prone and sensitive skin (I will do an acne/skincare routine and story very soon). I did however want to try the NEW Covergirl Ready Set, Gorgeous line and after reading on the back that it 'won't clog pores' (meaning its non-comedgenic) I decided to pick up both the foundation and concealer!

I purchase both the foundation and concealer in the lightest shade (105) and paid $6 to $8 dollars for both items! I have tested this out for about a week now and finally think I am ready to tell you all my thoughts on it. Upon first impressions I found the foundation to go on very yellow toned, after blending it in though it does leave me face with a light yellow or orange cast - but because I am tan and will be tanning I find the color match to work a little bit better with the color that my body is currently. I also find that this blends in very well, I have used both the 'dupe' beauty blender sponge and a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush!

The concealer has to be my favorite item out of the two that I tried, I thought because they were labeled as the same shade they would be the exact same color however that is UNTRUE! The concealer is a very light ivory/white shade which works great for under neath the eyes and down the center of the face for highlighting, I don't find that I can use this on the face however because it is way to light for my overall complexion! I would definitely test both the foundation and concealer shades in the store so that you are getting the best color match possible!
In the image above you can see both the foundation and concealer applied to my skin, it does look very great but does not have high coverage. I love a more natural finish so I really enjoyed the foundation, I'm not that type of girl who likes to cover up every red spot and blemish, so I love the overall look of the foundation. I also find that neither the products cake up on the skin which is great for wearing it for long periods of time. I have worn both products for 8+ hours (at work) where I was sweating and rubbing at my face all day and I found that very little of the product actually came off of my face. I do tend to rub my nose area a lot, especially at work because of the dry air and at the end of my shift my nose was only slightly red and the foundation was still covering all my discoloration.

Have you tried this foundation & concealer? What are your thoughts?


  1. being from the UK I have never tried anything from Covergirl before, although I've heard MaxFactor is the same thing. x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

    1. I have not heard much about Max Factor - if I ever did a swap with someone it would be amazing to send them some of my drugstore makeup to try and test out!

      ~ Krystal


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