Maybelline One By One Mascara | First Impressons!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I love testing out new mascaras, but recently I really have not been able to find one I love and really want to use every single day. I decided to pull the Maybelline One By One mascara out of my back-ups drawers and give it a go. I bought this mascara for only $2.50 at my local drugstore on a clearance section and was very happy to find it because I had been wanting to try it for so long and after hearing so many good things about it!

This mascara comes with a plastic wand, which in all honesty I don't think I have ever tried before. I actually am most impressed with the wand, where it is plastic I find that the bristles are very hard and not flexible so its really easy for me to coat my lashes with it and gets every lash. I was also impressed with the formula, its a very lightweight texture and doesn't coat my lashes evenly, I do find that it gives me little volume, which is what I tend to need because my lashes are very sparse. However it does give me great length, I have very short lashes as well because I used to pick at the and pull them out when I wore mascara as a preteen and into my teenage years. So its nice when as mascara can really make my lashes look long and not spidery.

Overall I'm impressed with this mascara, I have only worn it twice! Once to work for a long 8 hour shift, which is held up pretty well, there was not smudging or flaking at all around my eyes and the second time was just out to town and having some supper, I also applied it to my lower lashes this day to see if smudging would happen and it didn't! The only thing I do have to say is mine smells funny, it doesn't smell bad but it has a perfume odor to it, and I'm not sure it its suppose to have a slight scent or not! I'm so happy that I was able to get this mascara to try and not to mention for a great deal, I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on how I feel the mascara works as it dries out a bit and the more I use it!

Whats your favorite Maybelline mascara?


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