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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hey Everyone! I'm really excited about a few things in my life and I wanted to make a blog post to kind of update your whats going on and share some 'excuses' of why I have have inactive lately and such things! I'm very happy to first of all say that I have started a new job, I started training today and for the next two weeks my job is going to be very demanding and take up a lot of my time, this means unfortunately that my blog and things may suffer, I'm going to try and draft and schedule posts this weekend when I have the time to sit down and do it. I will however be as active as possible on instagram and tumblr because I will have wifi access on breaks at work!

The next exciting news and the most obvious is that I have started my very own YouTube Channel, right now there is one video published on my channel and the link will be below at the end of this post, however there will be tones more videos coming soon I do have one edited and ready to upload and I'm working one editing the second one to post. I will also be spending some time this weekend filming some videos, so if I am in the same clothing in my videos that will be why. I am going to be trying to do first impressions and reviews on that channel as well as makeup tutorials, hauls and monthly favorites along with many other things. However currently I do not have a set up to film Get Ready With Me's however I am working on my set up and lighting, however I do not have a lot on money to spend on fancy lighting, backgrounds and cameras currently I simply set in my bedroom in from of a window and use the natural lighting to light my videos, however I will be trying to film outdoors when the weather is nice enough for me to do so! I also film on a point and click digital camera, so the focus options are not that great so I will be editing in close ups and things of that nature, be sure to let me know what you guys think and any feedback would be great - good or bad - because I am just learning!

stay tuned to my channel and to my blog to see more updates!

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