Tarte Magical Moment Deluxe Best Sellers Set!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Can you believe I have never tried anything from Tarte Cosmetics? So when I saw that Sephora was having there $12 (Canadian) deals for Black Friday and I saw this kit I knew I was going to be on the hunt for it. Thankfully my Sephora wasn't that busy and they had all of the little kits and sets in stock and I was able to pick this one up. I was most excited about the blush of course, because I've heard so many great things about there blushes. But I was also excited to try there mascara and lipgloss as well because I've also heard great things about them. I think overall this was a fantastic deal for three deluxe size products to try, especially for someone who has never tried anything from Tarte before and who might not be comfortable splurging on just one item.

All the products in this little kit are limited edition and made special for this kit, except the mascara of course, which if you are interested in seeing or purchasing the full size you can click here. Both the blush and lipgloss in this set are called 'Magic' and are a very pretty light pinky peach toned shade - the girl in Sephora described this blush as being similar to Blissful but more peach (if that helps any). I also have to say the mascara is excellent for what you get, its of course a deluxe size sample but I'm curious to see how long it lasts me and if purchasing the full size would be worth it.
Above you can see the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Magic - again this blush was limited edition to this set but if your looking for something similar check out Blissful. I loved swatching this first of all, the texture is very smooth and cream like and isn't powdery at all. I also was really impressed by the color - I'm usually not a huge fan of peach toned blushes but when I apply this to my skin it does almost come off more pink toned because I am so fair. I also love the cute holiday packaging, which if you have seen or purchased the Tarte Chic to Cheek Blush Set the packaging is exactly the same I believe! Overall my first impressions of this blush were amazing and the product really proved to be just as amazing when I applied it to the cheeks! I wore this blush every single day for the first week that I have it and its in constant rotation now with my other favorite blushes. This is by far the best blush I have tried this year and will be featured tones more on my blog!
The Lights, Camera, Lashes was another thing I was really excited to try from this little set and is one of the main reasons I purchased it. I had heard great things about this mascara and when I first got it the packaging was beautiful - I did my best at trying to capture the pretty animal textured print within the packaging. I was underwhelmed by the brush sadly, its just a long straight brush (I'll post more pictures on instagram and tumblr) and it really wasn't anything super special to me. However when I took the brush out of the tube I was surprised at how well the tube part cleaned off the brush. This made it really easy to transfer just enough product to my lashes and even make it easy for me to do my lower lashes. This is also a very black mascara and its very lengthening, I didn't find this gave me a whole lot of volume but I'm interested to try this out with a mascara primer underneath to see the effect. As this mascara has dried out from continuous use I do find the formula gets a little bit clumpy, and that I can see small dry flakes cling to my lashes when I apply this, I usually have to take a lash comb or brow comb and comb the lashes to remove these flakes. But overall I'm liking this mascara so far, I'm interested to see how long this travel size will last me and if at the end it will really be worth be picking up the full size for $24 bucks!
The last product that came in this set was the LipSurgence Lip Gloss in Magic, which is pretty much a corresponding shade to the blush but its much more of a light pink shade. I did try this on my lips for a quick second and it was surprisingly nice, because I don't like lipglosses that much though I don't really see myself pulling it out much. But it is a creamy lipgloss that has very little of that sticky feeling, which is the reason I dislike most glosses but I'm going to try my best to use this because I do think its very pretty and has a great formula.
Overall for $12 dollars Canadian, these sets were $10 in the United States, I'm really glad I picked this up to try some products. I just now wish I would have looked closer at some other sets because I would have really liked to try some other things like the little Bite Beauty 3-Piece Deluxe Size Lipgloss Set! Overall though I'm really happy with picking this set up and my other Sephora purchased from the Black Friday sale. Be sure to stay tuned for more reviews of the products I purchased and be sure to follow my social media below to get sneak peeks to these posts as well as more images and swatches!
Did you pick up anything from Sephora with Black Friday?
Have you tried Tarte products? If so, what do you recommend?
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  1. I also picked this gem up for a gift and wish I had picked up another one for myself. I picked up a few more sets from the Black Friday sale as they are too good to pass. I picked up the Bite gloss set, Nest fragrance rollerball set, Ole Henriksen cleansing set and the BareMinerals ones. I love trying out deluxe sample sized products :)

    1. I wish I had picked up other BF sets. This one was so nice for the price and there were others that looked really great too!

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