Review: LOreal Pro Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hey Beauties! Recently I've been watching some of my favorite beauty ladies on Youtube and one of my favorite girls to watch is Tati (@GlamLifeGuru), if you watch many of her videos she raves about the new LO'real Infallible Pro Spray & Set Makeup Extender Spray (woo, what a long name)! Of course since she recommend this and raved so much about it I was sold and I ran to my local Wal-Mart and picked this up about two weeks ago. The price at Wal-Mart was $14.97 which is a bit pricey for a drugstore product and this may scare from ladies and gents away from buying it. But I'm here to rave about the product as well and tell you that for $15 dollars this product may be expensive and not something I would buy every month, but its something that is a great product and unlike anything else located on drugstore shelves!

When I first got this product I was impressed to know that there was 3.4 FL oz of product within the bottle, which is roughly triple the size of a normal 1 FL oz foundation. I also really enjoyed the sleek black packing and that on the back of the bottle it came with clear and simple instructions on how to use the product as well as some more information on how the product feels, and how it sets and so forth (you can see all this in the image above). I was able to try this several times with several different foundations and I didn't notice a huge difference when using it with multiple foundations, it always did what it claimed to do and that was set and make your makeup last. When I first used this product I did notice that upon application it gave me a dewy finish, and it still does when I use it but this disappears within minutes as the product drys into the skin and then it does not leave a finish. Another great thing for me was that it felt like it gave me skin a small burst of hydration after applying all of my other face makeup. It also wasn't a heavy spray onto my skin, its more of a very fine mist that really helps my makeup feel like its actually being set rather than swearing all over my face.
The only downside I noticed to this product was that when I did apply it it did feel like hairspray on my face. So I find that I just move my eyes around a bit and smile and that feeling goes away instantly. I think the feeling like this is simply because it is a true makeup setting spray and it is working to hold the foundation in place for a long period of time and this feeling is part of that. The only other downside was the smell, and when I first got it I found that the smell was quite strong and it wasn't perfume or anything like that it just had a 'bad' smell. But after using it I really don't notice anymore smell with the product. I do feel like for the product you are getting that these are only minor flaws and since the product claims to make your makeup last and it does complete that job that nothing else about the product really matter (to me personally)!
Overall I'm really impressed with this product and I'm glad that I took Tati's recommendations and raves and went out and bought this product because no matter what foundation I use (Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless, Covergirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 or Revlon Colorstay) this makeup setting spray keeps in on for 12 hours or longer! I tried this product when I had spent an 8 hour day in classes and then I worked the evening and my makeup still looked almost flawless at the end of the day. I did find of course that my foundation did fade but that was more due to me touching my face and resting my face on my hand and in no way reflects the LO'real Setting Spray. I would give this product an 'A-' because it is an amazing product but the price point is a little bit high for the drugstore. I know that not everyone may be able to afford this product but if you have $15 dollars for spend I highly recommend picking up this product because its worth every penny!

Have you tried this setting spray?
What are your thoughts on it?
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