Sit Down Sunday #3 || Tumblr Makeup Inspiration!

Sunday, March 22, 2015
Hey Beauties! Welcome to the third installment of my Sit Down Sunday posts, today I decided to share my Tumblr life with you all for today's topic because I've meet so many amazing bloggers and girls through tumblr and because I get so much inspiration from flipping through images on there and seeing what everyone else does. I also thought it would be kind of fun to share some of my favorite tumblr blogs and tumblr girls so you can visit there blogs and follow them and love them just as much as I do. I've been on Tumblr for years but only started reblogging and publishing makeup looks on there about a year ago when I started my blog, I have a fair amount of followers now and I really love being able to interact with the beauty community on there. However, I do find that sometimes you can get A LOT of hate on that website because there is an 'anon' function in there message system. To be honest, its the only thing I dislike about the website but something I just usually deal with and delete. Tumblr has been a great platform for me to not only grow my blog but connect with other amazing beauty addicts and makeup artist and really learn and grow along with them.

The endless variety of images on Tumblr is also another thing I really enjoy about the website, as you can see above these are just nine of my absolute favorite images from the website including eye looks, swatches and product shots. I do get most of my inspiration from Tumblr and find its also a great place to get feedback on what I'm doing. I've learnt a lot from many girls including: Jade (xbeautykitten), Samantha (samanthanaegle), Rebecca, (lipstick-lust) and so many more talented girls. The lovely Jade also has a great blog right here on Blogger all about beauty products, techniques and makeup looks, you can check her blog out HERE! The fantastic and talented Samantha has been a huge inspiration to me lately, I've only recently started following her but she posts ALL of her makeup looks and its been so fun seeing her grow and learn and really try crazy and wild things and not be afraid of exactly who she is! Rebecca has been a long time love on mine because she gives amazing makeup advice, people are forever asking her questions on Tumblr and she is always so open and honest on giving advice, recommendations and more!

I think the biggest challenge with Tumblr for be has been learning to grow and let myself learn from my mistakes, some of my makeup looks down right suck but I also try and post them no matter what the situation because I want to look back and see how far I've come and what I've learnt. Another big thing is letting people see my flaws, I currently have a skincare update/story running on my second tumblr and its all about me opening up and my skincare and letting people know yes I have SEVERE acne and yes I go out in public without making on and I really just don't care. Tumblr has helped me really grow as a person over the last year and has really been an outlet for me to express whatever I want beauty or not, while I do try and stick to beauty a few personal posts will sneak in every once and a while. So if you're interested in learning more about me as a person and as a blogger be sure to visit my Tumblr page so that you can see the girl behind all of this blogs content! Until next Sit Down Sunday, MWAH!

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  1. I love Heidi Makeup Artist & Sssmantha their such amazing MUA's. Such a great idea for sharing other people's work :)

    Lauren xo
    Porcelain Queen

  2. Their makeup looks so flawless and eyeshadow and wings are on point. I hope to get to their level someday too. It is really brave of us to create beauty blogs I think because we are showing our faces and looks and are open to vulnerability and criticism to people on the internet. I think you're doing a good job here :)

    By the way I nominated you for the Versatile Blog Awards: Heres the link for more info and feel free to tag more people: I love your layout! I've been telling myself I need to work on my layout and logo but I haven't had the time, I'm in my last semester of college...and I'm a graphic design major too. My current layout doesn't reflect my style of work though. My background was for a web design project. It definitely want to work on it though! By the way I nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award! Congrats! Heres more info on my blog and feel free to tag more people

  3. I'm not on Tumblr, I just can't seem to get to it =P But from the stuff you showed today, I need to ;) Love that you share other people ;)

    xoxo, Nyx
    Nyx's beauty blog

  4. Love a bit of Tumblr makeup inspo! It's the perfect winged eyeliner that always gets me!
    Rachel Coco


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