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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hey Beauties! Over the last several weeks I have been working hard and hardly working to improve Little Beauty Bug and to throw in some new contact and new ideas. Over the last several weeks I have been working from turning my beauty blog into a beauty and design blog. I currently have a Basic HTML post and SEO for Beginners post up on the blog and have had great reviews and success from those recent posts. I'm working on even bigger and better blog posts in relation to how to improve your blog, blogging tips and tricks and so much more. If there is anything you wish to see my cover on the blog in relation to blogging and design please feel free to leave me your requests and comments below as I would be happy to do those as well. If you want more information on upcoming posts like that also be sure to join my Facebook Group: The Blogging World. I post tones in there including questions and opinions that are related to the posts that I'm going to be doing here on Little Beauty Bug.
Also recently (this week) I decided to do a complete layout change including headers, images, colors, fonts and much more. I thought this fit my new blog style and seemed a little bit more professional than my last white and purple layout with fancy fonts was. Since my blog is now a beauty and design blog I also wanted people to take me more serious as designer and I think that doing a more dynamic header and design helps me to do that. I also added a little nifty 'Contact Us' button on the left side of my blog which if you click is the best place to contact me! I felt like this would give my followers and brands a really great opportunity and prominent place to contact me - this comes directly to my e-mail and I will reply with 24 hours!
I believe those are all the little blog updates I have for you guys today. The only thing that I guess I want to update you on is telling you that I have started the lovely Accutane treatment for my severe acne prone skin - I will be doing a more in-depth post on this in the coming weeks and once I notice effect of the medication and so forth. I also will be finishing college this week and will be starting a full-time work placement which may stray we from blogging for the month of May - so posts may be done later in the evening and Friday afternoons rather than my usual time schedule (I know and hope everyone understands). Thanks for sticking around for another wonderful Sit Down Sunday and please be sure to leave me your comments and suggestions for new blog posts below and let me know what you think of my new blog layout!
What do you think of my new blog layout?
Do you have any post suggestions/recommendations?

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  1. The blog looks amazing!!! Great work!!

    Hollie //


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