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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Welcome to Sit Down Sunday: Blogger Interviews! Since the start of Sit Down Sunday here on Little Beauty Bug I've been trying to find a unique and cool idea to turn it into something to really capture people's interest. Lately I've played with the idea of interviewing fellow bloggers and so came the new and improved Sit Down Sunday. Every week I will interview another amazing blog with a series of 12 questions (which you can see below). I'll also link you back to there blogs and social media accounts and so forth. I thought this would be an excellent way to show my readers the blogs that I read and enjoy and to also get a view on blogging in general. Since I now run a beauty & design (blogging) blog I thought this would be an awesome way to gather ideas, inspiration and thoughts from other bloggers in the community. I really hope you enjoy this series and if you wish to be featured and interviewed please leave me your blog url and e-mail and I will send you the questions and information :) Lets begin...

I want to say a very special welcome to Chelsea from Olive & Ivy, who will be the first blogger interview I will be doing today. I recently discovered her blog and actually immediately put here in my bookmarks bar on Google Chrome. I love the style of her blog and she is one of the sweetest girls I have meet since I started blogging. I also think she has a ton of great blogging experience under her belt and she might be able to teach you a thing or two. I hope you all enjoy her little interview, its a good one :)

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I’m a 24 year old beauty, style and life happenings blogger from Vancouver, BC. Blogging is my half-full time job (I realize I should call it part time, but it’s so not part time haha), and I am also a freelance web and graphic designer. I love all things makeup, anything and everything cat-related, and travelling.

2) Why did you want to be interviewed by Little Beauty Bug?
While I’ve been blogging for over three years, I have only just became part of the Canadian blogger community. When I first started blogging, I lived in New Zealand (where my boyfriend is from), so I never reached out to any Canadian bloggers, and when I moved home I just didn’t really know of any! It was only in the last few months I came across the Canadian Beauty Bloggers website and added myself to the list, and so I’m trying to get myself more involved with other great Canadian beauty bloggers (like yourself).

3) What made you get into blogging and what made you stick with it? 
I started blogging to document my life in New Zealand while I was living there. I am very much a “phases” person, in that I’ll take interest in something for a short amount of time and then move onto the next thing.. but for some reason, blogging has stuck around for this long and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon!

4) How has blogging affected your life?
Blogging has affected my life hugely. I’ve had so many incredible opportunities, met so many amazing people and have had the chance to work with some really awesome brands. Blogging also led me into starting my own design business, and I’m not sure I would have ever ended up where I am within my business if I had never started blogging!

5) What was the very first blog post you posted (or remember posting)?
Uhhh, I think it was some awkward “Hi, I’m Chelsea and here is some stuff about me!” post that probably no one in the world has actually ever read, hahah.

6) What has been your most memorable blogging experience?
It’s really hard to pinpoint one experience. I have had the opportunity to work with some really great brands that I love, but I think that this year, my best opportunities yet may be coming, now that I’m becoming more involved in the Canadian blogger community.

7) What brand(s) or product(s) have you discovered from blogging and fallen in love with?
I can’t even just list a couple, I’ve discovered so many awesome brands through other people’s blogs and through reviews on my own blog. Two absolute favorites as of lately are Paula’s Choice skincare and everything from MAKE UP FOR EVER. I hadn’t used either of those brands prior to blogging (or even prior to this year), and I seriously love them both.

8) Is there a specific way you like to connect with your readers and other bloggers?
I love Instagram! I love to see little snippets of other people’s lives, and to share little snippets of mine.

9) What has been your favorite post to write and publish and why?
My most favourite post ever is not actually beauty related, but it’s beautiful, haha. I did a DIY Glitter Travel Mug tutorial using a Starbucks tumbler and it’s amazing. Alllll the glitter. (

10) What have been your biggest blogging goals and have you reached them?
I have reached a lot of blogging goals, but I tend to set goals that are attainable by a certain date- usually follower count related on different social medias and whatnot. Over the last 6 months, my goals have been more brand-oriented (like working with different brands that I loved), and while I’ve achieved some of those goals, the list of incredible brands I’d love to partner with is never ending.

11) Share your favorite absolute bloggers with us and why?
Okay so, she’s not a blogger, but I LOVE YouTuber Jaclyn Hill. She’s gorgeous, hilarious and her videos are fun. I basically love every look she does and I totally trust her recommendations!

12) Free Space! Share anything you would like here!
Thanks so much for having me! I can’t wait to see the other bloggers you’re interviewing! xo

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  1. I love this sort of post! Thanks for sharing and introducing me and others to yet another great blogger!

    1. Thanks Emily :)
      I'm so glad you enjoyed it and found Chelsea's blog!
      She does some amazing work and deserves some more love!

      Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug | Bloglovin'

  2. oooh, this is a lovely post idea! thanks for sharing! if you ever need anyone else to interview, let me know!

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

    1. Thanks Brooke, I certainly will let you know!

      Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug | Bloglovin'


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