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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ance. The world that any teenager or adult hates to hear and even worse hates to have. I've suffered with acne for most of my teenage life and it got so bad that I had to start the drug Accutane. I will talk about this in a later documented post, but for today I thought I would share some of my all time favorite products (all drugstore) that saved my skin and helped me feel good about myself while my skin was at it's worst. There are really no miracles for acne, nor are there any quick fixes or magical spells. But with a few of the right products you can do things to help guide your skin along and improve it slowly day by day. I also wanted to mention that you don't need to rush out and purchase $70 cleansers and $50 foundations because the drugstore really has some kickass products worth the small price tag. Today I'll be sharing only my favorite cosmetic products, but if you are interested in knowing my favorite skincare products please let me know as I'd be happy to do a second post.

Beauty Blender Dupe
Instead of using brushes which can create streaky effects on the face and enhance problem areas. Opt for a damp beauty blender sponge to lightly pat the product into the skin. This will cause less emphasis on problem areas. You can usually pick dupes of this popular products up at Wal-Mart for any beauty supply store.

Maybelline Master Prime in Blur + Redness Control
The first step to help make yourself feel beautiful on a daily basis is starting off with the right cosmetic base. If you suffer from acne chances are that you might also suffer from redness. While a redness control primer won't completely diminish your redness it will help to even out the skin tone and help your makeup to last a full day. This one by Maybelline is more of a lotion type of feel and works way better than those rich in silicone. Hard Candy is also another option but has more of a thick consistency. Depending on what you like you can always try and chose whichever fits your routine. 

Covergirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation
We all want a little bit of coverage when dealing with our acne, irritated and annoying skin. This foundation does wonders at being a primer, foundation and concealer all in one. Multi-tasking products aren't all bad and this is a great example. Always remember to choose a foundation for your skin type though for better results. I have tested this one out on my oily skin before Accutane and my dry skin while on Accutane and this foundation does work amazing for all skin types (to my knowledge).

LA Girl Pro Concealer
If a foundation just isn't enough coverage for your acne and redness, you can always layer a small amount of concealer on top. Try something hydrating but also full coverage at the same time for the best results. This one is perfect and a great dupe for the MAC Pro Longwear. Be sure to use your Beauty Blender with this product as well for even application. Another great thing is this concealer comes in ton's of shades, so instead of using powders to contour you can also opt for this great concealer. Using less powder will make the skin appear more natural and flawless.

ELF Maximum Coverage Concealer
Another great concealer is this one by ELF, you might find this one more available at your local drugstores than you find LA Girl products. Using this concealer is great for redness as it gives great coverage to the skin. As for acne spots you want to test this product on your skin first, for my drier skin ladies I wouldn't choose this one if you're looking for that flawless coverage. However, you might be able to work this with some moisturizer.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
If you have very oily skin along with your acne I suggest using a mattifying powder like this one from Rimmel. I use the translucent shade, but they also have colored shades available for a little extra coverage. Make sure to use this powder with a large brush and apply lightly or using the buffing technique that Wayne Goss has talked about in some previous videos. Less if more with this product, especially for drier skin types.

Essence All About Matt Powder
Last but certainly not least. If you're looking for something super affordable, and by affordable I mean like $5 this is the product for you. This product is translucent despite its white coloring, but it does leave the face with a healthy matte finish. If you're looking for something super matte I wouldn't choose this product. However, this is more suited for my drier skin girls out there. This is also the perfect product to use the buffing technique with, no matter your skin type.

& if you want extra good results for your worst day of acne pick and choose and use some of these products together for a flawless finish.

Here are some tips & tricks to consider when trying to improve your skin while dealing with acne:

#1) Make sure you keep a strict skincare routine. Use a cleanser and moisturizer along with other skincare every night to help prepare your skin for the next day. Be sure to pick products that suit your skin type and don't always go for the cheapest thing as their ingredients won't be as active or have as high of an ingredient content. Cetaphil has been the best on my acne journey and usually runs about $10-$20 in the drugstore. 

#2) Make sure to pick makeup products that are also going to work for your skin. If you have oily skin with your acne, chose a foundation for oily skin. Make sure to also pick the right shade, if you chose a shade lighter or darker than your skin tone, this can actually cause the acne to be more noticeable on the face.

 #3) Diet is a huge factor in helping to decrease the signs of acne. I know that my main triggers are caffeine in the form of chocolate and pop. Be sure to pay attention to what you are eating and when you notice breakouts. While diet isn't the #1 cause for acne, adding foods like almonds and grains into your diet can help deal with acne. Also, be sure to stay away from processed foods and sugars as they do nothing for your body or for acne. Don't forget to also drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to keep skin healthy and beautiful.

Acne can be one of the worse things a teenager or adult can do through. Trust me, I know! Thankfully there are ways to help to improve your skin and even now doctor or dermatologist recommend drugs to stop the effects of acne. I would also always recommend consulting a doctor with any of your acne related questions. They will always be able to provide you with the best answers and results for your skin. Just remember acne isn't the be all end all of your teenage or adult years. Acne is something we all struggle with at one point or another and I promise your skin will improve if you take the nessecary steps. 
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** Essence Matte Powder featured in this post is a product that was sent to me by the brand as a PR sample **

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