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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Today's post here on Embrace & Ignite is a little bit different than my traditional beauty reviews and beauty related content I post. Hair Extensions have always been something in the back of my mind that I have wanted to try for years and years. In order to fully understand my want of Hair Extensions, I do want to give you a little bit of background information on my hair journey. When I was approximately 15 years old (in Grade 8) I developed a condition called Alopecia. Alopecia is the absence of hair from a particular part of the body. Many people develop this condition and lose hair in the size of pennies, usually, these areas are easy to cover and something manageable. However, my story was quite different. Imagine losing your hair from the base of you hairline on your neck to above your ears. Yes, that's exactly what I had. I lost about 75% or more of my hair. I was very thankful for a wonderful Dermatologist and great medication that allowed my hair to grow back. Since then, I've never had another Alopecia issue but I have noticed increase shedding over the past few months. This got me thinking about wanting those lovely Hair Extensions again to try out and see if they really would make a difference in my hair and in what I felt was my vanity.

A few short weeks ago I was contacted by the wonderful Adriana from Irresistible Me asking if I wanted to test out some of their products and possibly review them for all of you reading this today. Of course, I got extremely excited since I had already been thinking about purchasing Hair Extensions before I received contact from Adriana. We happily discussed color choices, lengths, and weight and we came to a wonderful agreement that I would have the opportunity to try out the Silky Touch Clip In Extensions with a length of 24" inches and a weight of 200 grams. I also decided to pick out the shade Honey Blonde - this was the most difficult part. Since I have naturally blonde hair and have never placed any color and very little hot tools on it, I found it harder than normal to judge what color I was going to be. I am happy to say that the color match came pretty much dead on in tone but the Hair Extensions themselves are a little bit light for my hair. However, with some curling and styling I was able to blend them in and honestly, the color difference creates a beautiful and subtle ombre style.

The extensions come beautifully packaged in a beautiful black Irresistible Me box with a cute little note on the inside. The extensions also come in a zip locked pouch and are securely wrapped up and elastic together to hold their shape and keep them safe for the mail delivery. I love how everything came packaged and that the products did arrive safe and sound. The only thing that I would have wished was that the Hair Extensions themselves would have come with a fact sheet and care instructions in the box. However, I did receive information from Adriana on caring for the extensions and things along those lines. I tend to just like to have hard copies of information like that so I can refer to it when needed and not have it get lost in my inbox. I also think that if you are paying for the extensions which can be upwards of  $200 bucks that they should come with that important information for the user to be able to care for the extensions and keep them as long as possible.

Now on to the exciting part of the post, which I'm sure you are all dying to see if you haven't yet scrolled down to this section. One of the greatest things about getting Hair Extensions for me was seeing the before and after images of how different my hair and myself can look. My hair is already naturally pretty long, as you can tell by the before image below. However, it is also very dead on the ends and needs some strong help. So I took the jump and did get about 2 inches cut off after taking the before image. I also got some more layers in my hair to better help out my extensions blend in a bit easier. I like to think that I have pretty decent and healthy hair, hair style and that my hair does grow pretty quickly. So really extensions are not a must for me but of course, they are something I'm super excited to play around with and use.

Before - I have pre-curled my hair so that they better match the Hair Extensions!
After - This is only about 75% off the Hair Extensions clipped in!
And now the after image. As you can see the Hair Extensions do add quite a bit of length to the bottom of my hair. I couldn't even get all of the hair into the images above - the extensions actually came to about my belly bottom when straightened and are slightly shorter when curled. I'm really impressed with the length but even more so I'm really impressed with the thickness that these give to my hair. I have naturally thick hair anyway, but these just give me something more and I love the way they feel. I also want to let you all know that I'm not a pro at using hair extensions, styling my hair or anything related to hair. So being a newbie, these really were the perfect Hair Extensions for me to try out as my first set. I also want to point out that as you can see in the after images the hair extensions are quite light for my natural hair color. As I've said above with some curling I can get them to mesh with my natural hair pretty well, but I still notice a huge different in the color variations.

Overall I'm extremely impressed with the Irresistible Me Silky Touch Hair Extensions. I highly recommend looking into them if you are interested in purchasing Hair Extensions for yourself. I believe Irresistible Me has a wonderful color selection and you get extremely high-quality hair for a great and fair price. I'm even interested in purchasing my very own set of a darker color to really create an ombre effect in my hair. I cannot wait to wear this hair more often and show it off. I also can't wait to style these Hair Extensions some more including putting them in braids and different styles that I otherwise find harder with my natural hair type and length. Hair Extensions can be a huge investment for anyone and I know now that this process can be quite hard but I do think Irresistible Me has a wonderful selection and knowledgeable staff and information to help you make the right decision!

Have you tried Irresistible Me Extensions before?
Would you be interested in trying Hair Extensions?

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** Hair Extensions were sent to me for consideration of review on my blog!

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