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Friday, February 12, 2016

Have I ever posted about my skincare routine before? No. That's probably because I haven't ever found a set of products or a routine that has been worth sharing here on Embrace & Ignite. As many of you are now aware of, I have struggled with my skin for quite some time and have recently finished up a round of Accutane. On top of that, I have to admit that skincare has never really been something that I have focused on until finishing up my Accutane journey. Before now I never realized just how important it was to take good care of your skin. Now, I'm all about finding a skincare line and skincare regimen that works perfectly for all of my skincare needs. L'OReal wasn't a brand that was ever on my radar for skincare because when I generally think of the brand I always focus on the makeup side of their brand. I'm happy to say that outlook on L'OReal as a brand has changed because I think their skincare is something that is just as great as many of the makeup products they offer.

Around the middle of December, I was lucky enough to receive contact that I would be receiving some of the new L'OReal Hydra-Total 5 products to test and try out for a possible review on my blog. Because of the Christmas Holiday and various storm events within my area the products did take quite some time to get to me but when they did I started putting them to the test and seeing if they worked for my skin and if they were something I wanted to share with you guys and wanted to possible purchase in the future. I've been using these products now for about four weeks now and I feel like I have a pretty good idea on what I think about the products and how they work for my skin and me. I received the Ultra Soothing Routine which contains a 3-step system including a Micellar Water, Toner, and Moisturizer. These three products are meant to be used in combination together for a refreshing, soothing and hydrating feel to the skin.

Ultra-Soothing Routine - Micellar Water:
Let's start off by chatting about the very first step in the Ultra-Soothing Routine from the Hydra-Total 5 line by L'OReal. I have never tried a Micellar Water before this one, even though I have always drooled over the ones from Bioderma and Garnier. Micellar Water has always been one of those products that just seems like water to me. I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this product to help remove makeup, dirt and debris. Obviously, this product just feels like water, but unlike water, I found this product to be extremely smooth and soothing on the skin. Also unlike water, I found this product really allowed the moisture to stay locked into my skin rather than drying and feeling tight. I used approximately 2 - 3 cotton rounds soaked in the Micellar Water to remove my face and eye makeup. Like other removers, I did leave the cotton rounds pressed on my eyes for about 30 seconds before gently removing the product. It worked wonders. Overall, this is a really gentle product that is effective in removing all forms of makeup, dirt and debris. I also love that this leaves my skin feeling refreshed and healthy.

Ultra-Soothing Routine - Toner:
The second step in the Ultra-Soothing Routine is the use of the Toner. Toner has always been a product that I thought would benefit my skin but that I never really invested to try. Toner is a product that is used to reduce oiliness in the skin and improve the skin's overall condition. Do I think this actually works? I can't say 100% that any Toner would work miracles on the skin but I can say that this Toner does do exactly what it says it will. This Toner helps removes the last remnants of makeup, dirt and debris that may still be on my skin after I've used my Micellar Water. Of all the products I love the way this one smells the most since I'm not good at describing scents I won't even try to but I will say that if you're given the chance you need to take a whiff of this product you definitly should. Just like the Micellar Water this wonderful Toner leaves a soothing effect to the skin and really helps my skin lock in the moisture. Once again, I use about 2 - 3 cotton rounds with product on it to make sure that my skin is really nice and clean before going ahead and applying the third step of this routine.

Ultra-Soothing Routine - Moisturizer:
Last but certainly not least in the Ultra-Soothing Routine and that is the application of Moisturizer. My skin without moisturizer is like the Sahara Desert with dry patches and an uneven type. I've always found it really hard to find a moisturizer that I like and that has a great benefit to my skin. I've been using Cetpahil previous to this and it has worked but isn't something that I would repurchase again. And thankfully, after trying the Hydra-Total 5 Moisturizer, I now have a new favorite. My biggest complaint with Moisturizer is that I want it to sink into my skin, retain my moisture and not leave me feeling greasy or with a thick layer of product on. When applying this Moisturizer, I do have to say that this does feel sticky on the skin for about the first 5 minutes. After that, the product sinks into the skin and gives off a cooling and hydrating feeling. I generally use about a pea-sized amount of product and scoop it out of the jar with a q-tip or other implement so that I don't have to stick my fingers in the jar. I apply the largest amount of the product in my t-zone area concentrating on my nose, cheeks and chin areas where I develop the most dry patches. This is the perfect way to end such a fresh feeling routine.

Overall I'm extremely impressed and love the new L'OReal Hydra-Total 5 products from the Ultra-Soothing Routine Range. Not only do the products look beautiful and smell wonderful - which btw the scent is not overpowering and it suits the products very well. The effectiveness and ingredients of the products is what shocked me the most. I have always praised L'OReal for having amazing products and their skincare is certainly not lacking. Another great advantage is that many of the ingredients within their skincare line are actually geared towards locking in hydration and really making the skin appear and feel better. If many of you have seen on Twitter, I've been big into studying up on the ingredients in my cosmetic products and this one certainly gets a pass from me. Did I mention that none of these products contain alcohol, the #1 ingredient in skincare and beauty products that causes the skin to dry out. I'm extremely excited to continue to use these products and continue to make my skin feel hydrated and refreshed!

Have you tried any L'OReal skincare?
What is your favorite product from L'OReal (skincare or makeup)?

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** Products were sent to me as PR samples to test and consider for review on this blog!

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