Monthly Reflection & Statistics: January 2016!

Monday, February 1, 2016

I cannot believe that the first month of 2016 is already over. I feel like this month flew by and everything seems to be a complete blur to me! Over the past month, some pretty incredible things have happened both in my personal life and my blogging life (which really are becoming one completely same life now). I've got to work with some wonderful clients, some amazing brands and do exactly what I love doing and that's sharing my creative talents and experiences with you all through this blog. Now, I know that so many people do 'monthly favorites' posts here in the blogging community and I love the idea of sharing these types of things. However, I decided to mix my 'monthly' post up a little bit by giving you a 'Monthly Reflection'. I know that these posts are sometimes controversial so I'm going to try my best to keep things light-hearted and positive. I will be sharing my total follower numbers and Google Analytic's information. For right now I won't be discussing my monthly income from blogging, this may change in future posts. I wanted to create this monthly journal of events and numbers so that I can have something to look back on, reflect on and use as a goal setting post for the following month.

Let's be honest I know that probably the #1 thing you are here to see is my big ol' statistics, which to be honest aren't very big but are growing day by day. I want to point out that I don't claim to get lots of views and followers. Blogging has never been about numbers for me, but as I continue to grow my blog these numbers continue to grow. I feel it's important for my blog and for transparency to share these numbers with you. I also want this to be a supportive process for ALL of us to support each other! I want to be able to support everyone that I possibly can and I hope that you will do the same in return.

Let's get started:
From January 1st to January 31st

*** This number is a total from across all social media platforms

Pageviews = 1953
Users = 602
Bounce Rate = 68.76%
Average Duration = 3:23
New Visitors = 51.5%
Returning Visitors = 48.5%

January 2016 has been an incredible way to start off a new year here at Embrace & Ignite and I hope that I can continue this amazing energy into February 2016. To continue with this journey I've decided that each month I will be trying to accomplish three goals, pertaining both to my blog, website or personal life. Each month I will update you on my progress with these goals, if I've completed them, how I've completed them and much more. Here are my goals for February:

1) Sharing the love was something I lacked in 2015, I commented on a few blogs and I read many but I want to increase this number. I'd love to leave 30 comments this month on 30 different blogs.

2) Continuing to grow my online Freelance Graphic Design Business will always be a goal for me. But I actually want to go through my website this month and make it more user-friendly. I also want to add some new portfolio pieces this month and of course, add some new services and content.

3) Decluttering my makeup collection is something I have been meaning to do for a long time now. But I also want to write down a makeup inventory and keep track of how many products from each category of makeup I own. That way I can continue to keep my collection as a reasonable volume.

How was January 2016 for you?
Do you have any goals going in February 2016?

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