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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Today on Embrace & Ignite, I’m answering one of the most popular questions that I’ve gotten asked since starting and growing my blog. As a Blogger, I know how hard it can be starting out to pick which Social Media platforms you want to utilize. I’ve also struggled with maintaining multiple Social Media accounts and in November 2016 having to revamp my Social Media to better fit my growing brand. Today, I thought what better time to talk about Social Media than right NOW! As I’ve grown as a Blogger it has been really easy for me to see that ONE platform stands high above the rest and today I’m here to give you all the information about why you need this platform!

Can you take a guess at what platform I’m talking about (without peeking)?

Have you been able to figure it out yet? If you haven’t I don’t know that the platform will really surprise you that much. With its wonderful community and diverse network of individuals as well as its technological additions, Twitter has to be the best Social Media platform for Bloggers. There are multiple reasons why I think Twitter stands high above all the other social media platforms, but it’s also important that you hear from a variety of other Bloggers as to why they love the platform as well. Stay tuned to the end of this post to check out what others Bloggers have to say about Twitter.

Branding is a huge part of standing out as a Blogger and that doesn't stop on your social media either. The greatest part about the visual aspects of Twitter is being able to add your own personal cover image and profile image. Cover images are a great place to display images from your blog that would quickly allow your readers to associate that your Twitter account and blog are connected with each other. Your profile images are another great area to show off who you are by placing an image of yourself there. For me, I want to quickly be able to see the face behind the blog and be aware of who's Twitter account it is that I'm on. I also want the page I'm visiting to be visually appealing so that I want to stay and visit your profile and so that I want to keep coming back. Uniquely styled and high-quality images are the perfect way to capture your viewers eye and allow them to recognize your brand easily!

Just as eye-catching as your Twitter Image can be so can your biographies that you place on your Twitter sidebar. For me, this is the place where you can really shine and make me want to be your friend and visit your blog OR this is the place where you can completely blow it. It's really important in your Twitter Biographies to put who you are and what you do, of course, you can play around with some personality-driven traits but honestly I need to know you and what I'm viewing. If I don't get this information out of your Twitter Bio chances are I've already left your account and not visiting your blog or never went back to visit your blog. Just like the first sentence in a book, you need to be able to grab my attention and give me something that's going to make me want to stay around til the action really starts.

Tweet: Twitter Bio's are one of the most important ways to catch readers attention. Find out more here:

One of my all time favorite things about Twitter is the amazing communtiy and diverse individuality that is on the platform. I've experienced these wonderful individuals through the great world of Twitter Chats. For those of you who might not know, Twitter Chats are conversations which you can join using the appropriate chat hashtag. Every time you talk to another member in the chat, leave your answer to a question and so forth you just include the hashtag in your tweet so that others can chat back to you. Simple, right! The great thing about Twitter Chat is there are no longer just a few select one's to pick from but there are honestly hundreds of hashtags now dedicated to these chats and chats are going on every hour of every day.

Some of my favorite Twitter Chats to get involved in are:
#bdib , #bdibNA , #PABchat , #bbloggers , #lbloggers , #USbloggers and MANY more!

Twitter Chats are the perfect place to meet new and existing bloggers, network with brands and companies and just be an all-around amazing blogger in the community. There are no set guidelines for Twitter Chats either other than the times they start and stop, hashtag that is used and the topic being discussed. This mean's that you have a complete freedom of speech allowing you to answer questions honestly and talk with many other amazing bloggers who might have the same views as you. Twitter Chats have honestly accounted for about 50% of my blog growth which seems like an insane number, but I've honestly met and networked with so many people through Twitter Chats that I really feel it's beneficial for EVERY blogger to participate in!

Last but certainly not least is the ability to schedule your tweets using a variety of different Twitter related platforms including and not limited to: Tweetdeck, Buffer, Hootsuite and more! If you have a busy and hectic schedule like myself you don't get to sit in front of your computer or phone's all day to send out tweets all the time to help promote your blog and posts. The great thing about these platforms is the ability to schedule your tweets so that they launch automatically and so you always appear as active. Another important factor to any social media platform for me is seeing that the owner of the account is active and up to date on the latest trends, topics and pushing out the best possible content. Scheduling tweets allows me to see that these individuals are active and care about what they are posting for their readers!

Tweet: Want to know why Twitter is the #1 social media platform? See what other bloggers have to say about the platform:

So now that you know just how awesome I think Twitter is for my own blog I think it's extremely important that I share with you what other Bloggers are saying about Twitter as well. Recently, via Twitter, I asked other Bloggers to share their input by asking them the following question:

What is it about Twitter that has made your blogging experience so awesome?

Here is what they responded saying:

Out of all social media platforms, Twitter is definitely my favourite because of how much more people engage with each other. You really get to be a part of so many positive and supportive communities, it really helps motivate you to keep going. " // @AdrienneNaval on Twitter

" With Twitter, I can have an invaluable two-way dialogue with both other bloggers and my readers. It's so fast paced that there is always something new and I get inspired by the range of bloggers I follow. I also find people are less judgmental on Twitter as opposed to somewhere like Instagram where you're expected to portray perfection at all times. "  // @Absolute_Annie on Twitter

" Twitter made my Blogging Experience awesome, because it's the easiest way to get connected with my readers and to make friends with other bloggers :) " // @Laura__xoxx on Twitter

 Connection. Being able to connect to bloggers all over the world, make friends, share ideas in chats. Twitter has become my favourite platform due to being able to chat to whomever and express myself instantly. Twitter chats included, make it a great way to bounce off other bloggers and create great conversations. " // @utterardour on Twitter

" In my opinion, Twitter is the best platform for blog growth - it's such a simple and effective tool that allows you to do so many different things: marketing, interacting, RTs, promoting and supporting other bloggers. In the 8 months I have been blogging, it has been the biggest driver of traffic to my blog and reaches such a wide audience." // @fransbeautyblog on Twitter

AND if all of that information wasn't enough for you to take in I have created a very special checklist just for Twitter. If you want to continue to use Twitter as a kick-ass social media platform to boost your blog traffic then I highly recommend downloading my FREE 'Twitter Checklist' to make sure that you are getting the most out of the platform!

Downloading the checklist is very simple! Click the image below to be redirected to where you can sign up for EXCLUSIVE E-Mail list which will give you exclusive access to not only this download but also to the entire Resource Library !

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