L'OReal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation Review!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Have you seen my Monthly Favorites for February? If so, you might have already known that this product review was coming because I also mentioned loving this product in that post. I wanted to dedicate an entire review to the new L'OReal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation because of the hype that it got within the beauty community and because of my thoughts on the product. As you know, I previously reviewed the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation and I was really on the fence about liking that particular product. Since testing the L'OReal Cushion Foundation I'm finally able to say that I love this one 150% more than the Maybelline, even to the point where I think I've found my new holy grail drugstore foundation.

L'Oreal's newest foundation to launch retails for $21.97 at Wal-Mart here in Canada and will vary depending on the store that you purchase it from or the sale happening that week. I managed to pick mine up from Shoppers Drug Mart for only $17.99 when it was on a great sale. This foundation also comes in 8 shades ranging from N2 (Neutral) and W2 (Warm) to N5.5 and W5.5. So while the color selection isn't the greatest I feel like most individuals will be able to get a match or even a close match. I decided to pick up the shade N2 because it was the slightest shade and was neutral based. This didn't look like the right shade for me in stores and looked a bit yellow on my hand when swatched but after bringing it home and trying it I'm thankful that it turned out to be the perfect match!

Before I get into all the positive talk about this foundation I do want to mention one downside that might turn people off of purchasing this product. Most foundations (Maybelline, Revlon, Covergirl and so forth) contain 1 FL OZ or 30 ml of product, this is generally a standard size for most foundations on the market. However, the L'OReal True Match Lumi Cushion only comes with 0.51 FL OZ or about 14.6 ml which is just a little less than half of the product a normal size foundation would come with. I assume this to be because of the cushion technology that the product is made with but it is something to consider especially when purchasing a drugstore foundation for around $20. I personally can overlook the amount of product because I tend not to wear thick layers of foundation and I don't wear makeup every day. That means this foundation will last me a lot longer than someone wearing it 7 days a week or someone who wants to wears 3 layers of the product.

The packaging of the product is also something I want to highlight. It comes in a beautiful rose gold and white compact with all of the necessary information on the front and back of the product including application information, product information and more. When you open the cover of this product, the sponge applicator area is protected by a white door, this white door is also where your sponge sits that comes with the product. After the first application, I did throw the sponge away because I didn't want it to contaminate any of the other product or the compact itself. Once you open the white door, you will see the sponge inside which is filled with the foundation (this can be seen below). The overall package is sturdy and feels more luxurious in your hand than just a regular foundation bottle or tube. Since I'm paying a higher price tag for this item I like that the expensive quality is also reflected in the packaging.

As for the overall product, I don't think there is anything negative I can say about it. I used both the sponge applicator that it came with as well as a Beauty Blender (dupe) sponge and they both worked really well at pressing the foundation in the skin. This foundation does have a lightweight feel and light coverage appearance, however, the product can be built up to medium coverage. The foundation doesn't appear matte on the skin but I don't think it appears 'luminous' either. I think it just really gives a skin like appearance to the face and leaves you looking refreshed and healthy. Like all foundations, I did set this one with powder but just in my t-zone area which did take some of the glow away but after a few hours I did notice that the glow had returned but didn't make me look oily.

The foundations is also really blendable on the skin and created a really even finish all over my face and down onto my neck (which is where I tend to blend my foundations the most). Overall, I'm really impressed with the foundation including everything from the packaging to the application, effectiveness of the product, and even the wearability, which lasted me through a 12+ day of picking my sister up from University. I wouldn't recommend this foundation for everyday use ONLY because of the price point and amount of product you are getting, but if you don't mind spending the money this is a great foundation for everyday wear. For me, this foundation will be something I purchase for special occasions in the future if I need something beautiful, long lasting and easy to use. As of right now, I will continue to use the one that I have for everyday wear because I love it so much and don't mind spending a bit of extra cash for a great product!

Have you tried the new L'OReal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation?
If so, what are your thoughts? If not, do you want to?

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