Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette Review!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

As I explore high-end beauty products, I always find myself being drawn to eyeshadow palettes every time I visit Sephora. I've previously purchased the Urban Decay Naked Palette, Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and many others. I'm to the point now where my palette drawer is becoming overwhelming and I'm finding it hard to choose products I want to use in my everyday makeup looks. However, that didn't stop me from purchasing the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette last month. One of the biggest things I felt that I lacked in my makeup collection was matte eyeshadows as well as Tarte Cosmetics products.. I was very excited to purchase the Tartelette Palette with some money I gathered from my Birthday back in January.

One of the prettiest parts of this palette is the beautiful exterior packaging that the product comes cased in. The front of the package is a beautiful purple ombre design and the back is a classic gold. The case is metal and is extremely sturdy and would be perfect for traveling or carrying around with you for touch-ups. Speaking of touch-ups, this palette also comes with a beautiful full-size mirror that in my opinion, is one of the best quality mirrors I've ever had come in a product before. And of course, we all want to know about the eyeshadows inside of the palette. Each shadow is 0.053 OZ in size, which in comparison a MAC eyeshadow is only 0.04 OZ in size. Each shadow within the Tartelette Palette comes clearly labeled underneath with the shade name for you to refer to.

As for the overall quality of the shadows, the first thing I noticed was how pigmented, smooth and soft the shadows were both when swatched and when applied to the eyes. The pigmentation of these shadows is by far some of the best I have ever seen from an eyeshadow palette before. Compared to brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay and Stila I feel like these shadows just have something that those brands lack. Along with the beautiful pigmented on these shadows is how well they perform on the eyes. Each shadow blends beautifully on the lids and creates an effortless and easy look for any beginner or advanced beauty enthusiasts to play around with.

However, I do have to say that I find when applied to the lids that many of the shadows look similar in color. For example, Free Spirit, Caregiver and Super Mom look like the exact same shade when applied as a browbone highlight. Another example is Bombshell (deep plum) and Fashionista (black). I feel like both of these darker shadows appear very similar on the lids when applied with certain colors. In saying this, I don't believe this palette to be used 100% by itself. I think the idea behind this palette was to use it with other shadows in your collection in various finishes. When I'm wanting to do an easy and simple look I've been reaching for this palette and pairing these matte shadows with the beautiful L'OReal Infallible Eyeshadows that don't get as much love in my collection as they should.

Overall I'm very thankful that I had the ability to purchase the Tartelette Palette and I'm impressed with the quality of the shadows. Since I've only played around with this palette for a couple of weeks, I'm excited to continue to use this palette and use other products alongside of this to see what type of looks I can create. Since I lacked matte shadows in my collection, I thought this would be a great asset to my collection and I certainly wasn't wrong. I would highly suggest this palette to anyone looking to expand their matte eyeshadow collection and to have some really great base shadow colors to use when creating looks. I also think because of the variety of tones within this palette (4 warm toned shades, 4 cool toned shades and 4 rosy toned shades) that this palette would also suit a lot of different skin tones and could be used to create a large variety of looks.

After trying this product from Tarte Cosmetics, I'm curious to pursue some more of the products within the brand to see if their quality is in line with this palette. I've had the pleasure of trying a few deluxe-size samples from Tarte in their Black Friday 2015 including one of their blushes. I loved those products and I still enjoy using the blush to this day. Now that I've tried a full-size product I'm very excited to continue my journey into the Tarte brand. I think that if this product is an indication of how Tarte Cosmetics quality is that I will enjoy many of the other products in the brand's range.

Have you tried the Tartelette Matte Eyeshadow Palette?
If so, what are your thoughts on it? If not, why haven't you splurged yet?
What products from Tarte Cosmetics do you recommend?

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*** Purchased with money that was gifted to me for my Birthday!

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