Is It a Dupe? feat. NYC Lovatic's Eyeshadow Palette

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Last weekend I shared my review for the NYC Lovatic's Palette and if you've read that review you know that I didn't give it huge raves. We all have different tastes in makeup and I don't think that this brand sucks or that this palette sucks. It just personally didn't work for me. However, I wanted to feature this palette again because as I went digging through my collection I actually found that some of the shades within the NYC Lovatic's Palette (available at WalMart, Target & other drugstore stores) are dupes for high-end shades within other palettes I own.

Dupes are extremely popular within the beauty community and I can completely understand why. I paid over $70 for my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and I would have loved at the time to know of a dupe version at the drugstore for WAY less. The same thing goes for high-end blushes, lipsticks, eyeliners and so much more.

So let's dig into the NYC Palette and see if I think this palette is great if you're looking for some dupes!

We're going to start right off with the NYC Lovatic's shade in #1 (as seen in the below photo on the left) and we're going to compare it to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar shade in White Chocolate (as seen in the below photo on the right). I have to say that White Chocolate is one of my favorite brow bone shades and a shade I love to use to set my entire eyelid after I've applied my base. One thing you might notice in the image below is that the shades don't really look all that similar. However, I promise you in person they look completely identical. The only thing I experienced was that I actually had to build up the White Chocolate shade to match the pigmentation of the #2 shade.

The next dupe that I was able to find was the NYC Lovatic's shade in #6 (as seen in the below photo on the left) and the shade I found as a dupe was Chopper from the Naked 2 Palette (as seen in the below photo on the right). Chopper is available as a full-size eyeshadow on Urban Decay's website but I highly recommend heading and just grabbing the NYC Palette for this shade. They are exactly identical with the same finish, same formula and the same level of pigmented. This is 100% a dupe!

After that, I dug into the NYC Lovatic's shade in #7 (as seen in the image below on the left) and I quickly found that the shade YDK was the Naked 2 Palette (as seen in the image below on the right) was indeed a dupe. YDK is also a shadow that you can purchase full-size on the Urban Decay website but once again I highly suggest going to the drugstore and grabbing the NYC Palette if you are in need of a shade like this. Once again this shadow is a completely a dupe in finish, texture, formula and of course, pigmentation. YDK is one of my favorite shades from the Naked 2 Palette so I was extremely happy to find a dupe for it.

The NYC Lovatic's Palette shade in #8 was the one that I knew I would be able to find a dupe for pretty easily and I believe I found a pretty close color dupe in the shade Sleek from the Nude Tude Palette. However, this shade has more of a matte finish when applied so I wouldn't call this 100% a dupe but it's extremely close. The other shadow I found that was similar was the shade Busted from the Naked 2 Palette. This shadow, once again, can be purchased full-size on the Urban Decay website. This again isn't 100% a dupe shade but I find that when all of these shadows are applied onto the eyes you really can't tell the difference. All of these shadows have a great formula, texture and pigmented - so once again I would suggest the NYC Palette if you are looking for a beautiful rusty brown shade.

For all of the other shades I have mentioned { 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11 and 12 } I wasn't able to find complete dupes for these colors. However, I did find some very similar shades but nothing that I feel like I could recommend as dupes. If your collection is anything like mine, chances are it's overrun by neutral palettes and neutral eyeshadow. I'm fairly certain that you already have some pretty similar shades to the ones within the NYC palette.

After reviewing this product, I really wasn't that happy with it. But after digging through my collection and playing around with dupes shades. I think I've changed my mind on this palette. I 100% would purchase this palette if you don't own any of the high-end versions. I also think this palette is great to have in my collection because I am within the beauty community and it is something that I could use in posts for those who want more affordable options.

I still wouldn't rush out to purchase this palette and I really wouldn't be upset if I was heading to purchase and found it out of stock. I think it's a great asset but not a necessity.

Have you tried this palette?
If so, what are your thoughts?
Can you find any dupes for some of these shades?

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  1. Great post! I LOVE dupe posts and the dupes you found are amazing.

    Catherine | Beauty by Catherine

    1. I'm hoping to do more dupes posts in the future so stay tuned!

      This was a hard post to write on my end to make sure I was communicating my thoughts well but I'm happy I wrote it and glad yo uenjoyed it :)


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