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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is anyone excited for Summer yet? I'm raising my hand because I couldn't be more excited for the warm weather, sand between my toes and spending those nice days working from home with clients over on Studio Krystal. Not to mention the brand new makeup products that I get to play around with and pull back out. One of the collections I'm most excited for this Summer is the QUO Cosmetics Summer Collection for 2016.

QUO Cosmetics is something I was recently reintroduced to after getting to try some of their products from the Prismatic Spring Collection for 2016 which I did an entire in-depth post on. I've tried QUO Cosmetics previous to both of these collections but I hadn't tried much of it and I was excited to dig into more goodies. The Spring Collection was a huge success for me and I still use many of the products. I'm excited to dig into the Summer Collection for 2016 and see how they compare to previous collections and how they compare to other brands on the market.

QUO Cosmetics is a brand that is exclusively available at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada. They have an extensive line of regular products including lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, pressed powders, blushes and much more along with seasonal limited edition collections. One of my biggest goals within the next few months is to get into Shoppers and really spend some time swatching and looking over the line of product and of course, buying some to try!

Bronzer in Sunny Days:
Retails for $22 (CAN)

Let's start off with the bronzer today which was the product I was most excited to try. This is the Bronzer in Sunny Days and contains 19 grams of product. This is a unique bronzer to my collection because of the three areas of color within the product. The shade on the top is a matte bronze shade with an extremely light color and very orange on the skin. The middle shade is more of a pink toned highlighting shade and the bottom shade is a shimmery (almost sparkly) bronzer shade with more of a cool undertone. You can see the variation of shades in the swatches below and you can also tell how very light this product is.

Because bronzer is something that I don't play a lot with I actually appreciated the light pigmentation within the product. It gave me a very subtle bronzer look and blended out really beautifully on the skin. I did find that I had to concentrate my brush in the matte bronze shade to really get this product to intensify at all on my skin. I also was able to use this product all over my skin because of how light it was. All of these qualities I didn't mind in this product because it allows it to be versatile and easy to use without overusing and looking orange.

This product would only work for those with extremely fair skin in the bronzing method but those with darker skin might actually be able to use this as a subtle highlighting shade or a finishing powder.

Eyeshadow Palette in Lost at Sea:
Retails for $18 (CAN)

Next is the Eyeshadow Palette which I have in the shade Lost at Sea. This palette contains a beautiful shade range of white, gray, navy and black. It's a great palette for those smokey and sexy looks that you are looking to accomplish. I also love these types of palettes because I use a lot of deeper shades within my crease to deepen my eye looks. So I love that this palette is packed with lots of those shades for me to reach for. This palette also comes with more of a matte and satin-matte finish to the shadows, which for some of us is good and others of us will want more shimmer and metallic looks. I personally don't mind the finishes in this palette because I already own a lot of metallic shades in other palettes and single shadows.

Like other palettes I've tried from QUO Cosmetics, these shadows are quite pigmented and smooth when swatched and applied, I do have to say that these shadows are a soft texture and do kick up quite a bit of powder, which makes me even more thankful that these shades don't contain any glitter. However, like other palettes from the QUO Spring Collection, I find that many of the shades in this palette blend together and look very similar on the eyes. I do think that if you pair the right shades together though you can get some unique looks and won't notice the blending and fading of colors together.

I think this is a great palette if you are in need of a small compact palette full of darker shades to pair with others in your collection. If you're like me my collection mainly consists of neutral shadows with pops of color here and there. It's nice to have a palette that is smokey and deep to pair with all of those neutrals. This palette also is really great if you're a beginner with makeup and want to play around with darker and deeper shades.

Lip Oil in 40 Knots:
Retails for $12 (CAN)

One of the products I've been lusting after is the YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil because I've heard such great things about the formula and because lightweight lip products are my favorite. So naturally when I opened the box and found the QUO Cosmetics Lip Oil I was extremely excited to put this to the test and see how it worked for me.

The very first thing I noticed was this product smells like Jube Jube's which is a chewy gummy candy for those who aren't able to get that product where they live. This is a very sweet gummy candy scent but it isn't overpowering and it doesn't last on the lips in the slightest. When this is applied it definitely feels more lightweight than a traditional lip balm and you can tell that this product is an oil. However, within 5-10 minutes the product sinks into the lips and gives them hydration and overall makes them look more luscious.

For someone who isn't into lip glosses because of their sticky nature and uncomfortable texture the lip oil might be a great alternative because it does give the beautiful gloss appearance without the sticky texture. I personally love using this over lipsticks instead of a lip gloss because as the lipstick fades it allows the lip oil to sink into my lips making them feel amazing.

Precision Liquid Eye Liner in In The Navy:
Retails for $12 (CAN)

And finally is the Precision Liquid Eye Liner. I will be honest, I don't tend to reach for liquid eyeliner's that much because my eye sight is so bad and that means I have to get close to the mirror and thus, I find the products hard to use. But for the sake of testing out products, I decided to try my best to test this out on the eyes a few times and swatched on my hand and arm to see more about the lasting power, feathering and such.

This shade is a beautiful dark navy (almost black) and comes with a beautiful felt tip style brush that makes it much easier for me to apply to the eyes. I do find this product has a strong paint like scent which isn't appealing to me. As for the formula, the one thing I noticed was how extremely pigmented the shade is both in a swatch and on the eyes. As the day wore on the product didn't feather, didn't smudge and didn't wear off either (except were I was rubbing the corners of my eyes).

I'm pretty impressed with this product however I prefer a felt tip style pen eyeliner over a true liquid liner formula. For anyone interested in trying a liquid liner or a blue liner I think this is a great option just personally not for me.

As for the overall Summer Collection from QUO Cosmetics, I'm very undecided. I think the products are beautiful to look at and while I think some products perform well such as the Lip Oil, I do think that others could have been better such as the Bronzer. Each product within this collection will appeal to a very specific person and if you are that person I know you will love the products, formula's, colors and textures. However, if you are someone like me who has a large collection of makeup products you might not be as impressed with some of these products. I am very lucky and grateful that I was able to try these products and I'm interested to use the products in a more minimal way throughout the summer.

Have you tried anything from QUO Cosmetics?
What have been your favorite products?
Are you interested to try their Summer Collection for 2016?

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*** Products were sent to me as PR samples for consideration

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