QUO Back to School Collection Daily Beauty Palette Review & Swatches*

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The countdown is on and in just one short week I will be sitting back in the classroom studying to become a Licensed Nail Technician. Don't worry, I'm going to be trying my best to document my journey this time because I really regret not doing that when I went through Makeup School. But that's not what today's post is about.

For today, I was lucky enough to receive the QUO Cosmetics Back to School Collection to try and today I really wanted to feature the Daily Beauty Palette. The Daily Beauty Palette is really the main focus of this collection in my opinion and it only seemed fitting that I share probably one of the longest reviews I've ever done here on Embrace & Ignite. So grab yourself some cookies and tea, because you are going to want to read right til the end.

As of August 2016, the Daily Beauty Palette along with the other QUO Back to School Collection items can be found in Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada. For those outside of Canada, I'm sorry to say that QUO Cosmetics is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada. But if you are lucky enough to have a Canadian friend, it might be worth asking them to grab you something from the collection if it catches your eye.

The Daily Beauty Palette that I'm going to be talking about today retails for $42 (CAD) and contains:
  • 28 Eyeshadows
  • 7 Eyeliners
  • 2 Face Powders
  • 1 Blush

One of the main focuses of the palette that I think is really important to point out is that the palette is broken down into weekdays. For each day of the week, you get 4 eyeshadows and 1 eyeliner to use on that particular day. Having these looks created for you makes it really easy to get ready in the morning and it really takes all of the guesswork out of getting ready.

For today's review I'm going to reviewing this palette by column and then I will break each column down into shades and talk about each shade separately. As I've been testing out this palette I've noticed some really hit or miss products and I think that sharing little reviews on each individual shade is going to be more beneficial for you all reading this today.

So without further rambling, let's get into the reviewing:

Sunday's Column (first column) is a very neutral cool-toned eyeshadow look with a deep chocolate brown eyeliner. This is the perfect look to rock on Sundays as a neutral and natural look but is also great for everyday wear since it is so neutral yet versatile. The shade variety in this column is well put together but I find it lacks a really shimmery lid color for me, so I do reach for other things. I'm also not a fan of the sheered out eyeliner within this look - although this shade is one of my favorites from the overall palette. I would actually opt and use this 'eyeliner' shade as an eyeshadow cream color base on top of my eyeshadow primer. This is also going to help some of those colors stand out, but will also make them darker for a more smokey look - you've been warned!

Shade 1 is a soft yellow based off-white shade and appears to be a matte finish. Of the four shades in this column, this one appears to be the smoothest and have the most pigment. Use this as a browbone highlight, to set your eyeshadow base or even all of the lids.

Shade 2 is a very light taupe shade (or so it appears in the palette) that has a slight sheen. When swatched and applied this color certainly comes out much more flesh toned. I originally think this was supposed to be the 'impact' shade with lots of shimmer that could be used all over the lid. However, I don't find this color has enough pigmentation or shimmer to be used in this manner. I would simply opt for something else in the palette or in other shadows and palettes you use for this pop on the lids.

Shade 3 is pretty identical to shade 2 in the formula expect that the shade itself contains a little bit more warm-brown. The other slight difference is that this shade has a wee bit more pigmentation but again is going to be very subtle on the eyes. Both this shade and the previous shade did not work for me, since I wear glasses I need some really impactful lid shades and these just didn't make the cut.

Shade 4 is a deep chocolate brown shade with small hints of micro-glitter. This shade is really smooth and soft and is similar in texture to shade one from this row. However, I wish this shade would have been matte because I think it would have been more helpful for the overall column and look. I think having the micro-glitter in this shade just throws me off. But you could also opt for other shades in this palette if you were going for that matte look.

The standouts for this column definitely have to be shade one and a close runner up would be shade four. The other two shades - shade two and three - are just misses for me but would absolutely be suitable for those just beginning with makeup!

Monday's Column (second column) has a really pretty coral or gold tone to it and is going to create a beautiful warm-toned look. This column also has a little bit more intense shimmer which is going to highlight your eyes and compliment the rest of your look(s). This column comes with a beautiful silver - or white - eyeliner which is a bit strange to me. I would never consider using this type of shade as an eyeliner so I 100% think this is better suited as an eyeshadow cream base over your eyeshadow primer. But of course, if you love silver or white eyeliner you can completely rock this shade. Although, the formula is sheer once again which confuses me a little bit since it's marketed as an 'eyeliner'

Shade 1 is your basic matte cream toned browbone highlighting shade. This is exactly what I use the shade for and I actually find this specific shadow to be one of the most pigmented in the palette. While I love using this as a browbone highlight you can also find me using this shadow to set my eyeshadow primer or eyeshadow base.

Shade 2 in the palette looks to be a beautiful satin peach shade. But when swatched and applied to the eyes there isn't simply isn't anything there. This shadow is a complete dude and something you should just skip over.

Shade 3 is a very warm-toned peach with shimmer both in the palette and when applied. I've actually worn this shade a few times and I've used it all over the lid, as an inner corner highlight and even as a transition color. I've loved it all three ways but it did require some building and blending as a transition color.

Shade 4 is a milk chocolate brown with sheen and depending on the light can lean cool-toned or warm-toned. This shade is one of the most basic in the palette to me but also one of the most versatile since it can be paired with both warm and cool toned looks. However, I still think I have other shadows in my collection similar to this that I would reach for.

By far, shades one and three take the cake! Shade one is just a basic that I think every single girl needs in her collection and the formula of this shade is also pretty great. I've hunted for a matte cream eyeshadow for some time now and I've struggled to find the perfect one. As for shade three, this might not be unique to some of us but the formula is soft and the shimmer and sheen isn't over-powering which I actually admire in this shade and overall look. Shades two is absolutely horrible, in my opinion, so I think you should completely skip this. And shade four to me is just your average eyeshadow.

Tuesday's Column (third column) was the one that I was instantly attracted to first because it contains some really beautiful purple and gray toned shades. When I first started out with makeup these were my go-to colors but as I've learned more about makeup I haven't played with them as much. This column I thought had the perfect mixture of matte and satin finishes to create a beautiful overall look. However, I felt the first three shades in this column to all be very similar so I wasn't sure how versatile the shadows would be together. Along with these beautiful purple shades come a beautiful deep purple eyeliner shade which is absolutely gorgeous and a stand-out shade in the palette for me. But once again, this is a sheer eyeliner formula so might be better as an eyeshadow base for some. However, I did layer this a few times and I was able to get a more smoky line along the upper lashline.

Shade 1 is a very light white lavender shade and is completely matte. The formula of this shade is soft and smooth - like many of the other light shades - but I do find this one to be slightly more patchy. When using this shade I like to apply multiple layers to really build the pigmentation up.

Shade 2 is a very light true lavender shade in the palette and appears to be completely matte. However, when swatched on the skin there appears to be very little pigmentation. This also happens when the shade is applied to the eyes.

Shade 3 looks to be more of a grey-based lavender shade in the palette and appears to be completely matte. However, when applied in swatches and to the eyes there is absolutely no pigmentation to this shade.

Shade 4 is a beautiful eggplant purple shade that contains micro-glitter. This shade can appear both matte and shimmery, in my opinion, depending on how much of the product you pick up and how much extra you tap off of your brush. This shade is smooth and soft and also blends onto the eyes pretty well, although depending on what other shadows I've used this with I sometimes have to blend more.

By far the standout shade in this column has to be shade four. But I do want to mention that I only think this shade is average. While the pigmentation isn't horrible and the overall formula seems to be really pretty, this shade can actually look muddy on the eyes so I would suggest being careful with the other shades you use this with. As for the other three shades, I would simply pass on them all. I find they lack pigmentation and I honestly would never reach for them in this palette. Since I was most excited about the column because of the beautiful colors in the palette, I was the most letdown by this column.

Wednesday's Column (fourth column) is a beautiful rosy pink toned column that would be absolutely beautiful if you were looking to experiment with color on this particular day. When I first received this palette it was the beautiful bright yet muted pink that stood out to me the most and combine it with the beautiful light pinks and dark maroon, it all seemed to fit. Paired with this look is another sheer eyeliner formula but this time in a very bronze brown shade. Even built up by a few layers I don't really think this could be an eyeliner shade for me or many other ladies out there. Once again, just opt for using this 'eyeliner' as an eyeshadow base if you are looking to get some good use out of it.

Shade 1 is a pale off-white with hints of pink and is completely matte in finish. This looks like an absolutely beautiful shade in the palette and one I would reach for all the time. However, when swatched and applied this has almost no pigmentation.

Shade 2 is is a pastel barbie pink shade and is also matte in finish. Like the previous color, this would be something I would reach for quite a bit from a palette like this but once again, it lacks in pigmentation.

Shade 3 is a beautiful medium dusty pink shade and is a semi-matte finish. This is absolutely one of my favorite shades from the palette. It's smooth and soft, but also has great pigmentation and blends onto the lids very beautifully.

Shade 4 is deep maroon in color and appears to be a semi-matte finish in the palette but when swatched this has a very matte finish. This color has decent pigmentation but can be built up. However, I think this shade is patchy and blends out slightly streaky.

Obviously, the standout shade within this column is shade three with its beautiful dusty pink color and the overall formula. I actually think this shade is one of the best formulas within the palette. But on the flip side, I think all of the other three shades in this column are lacking and if they produced a little bit more pigmentation I think this column would create a really pretty look.

Thursday's Column (fifth column) contains blue toned shades with hints of gray. This is the start of the dramatic looks and the looks that I would generally go for on an everyday basis. Within this column, there are three shades that look very similar to each other so you might find it hard to create unique looks. Within this column, there is also a dark blue/navy eyeliner shade. Once again, this is a sheer eyeliner formula and of all of the eyeliner products within this palette, this one is my least favorite. I feel like this formula is very thin and it really lacks pigmentation - even when built up.

Shade 1 is a light gray shade and is a matte finish. This is a very soft shadow and actually packs a decent amount of pigmentation. I love using this to set my eyeshadow base for looks. Other than that, I don't know that there really is another use for a shadow of this color.

Shade 2 is a deep navy blue shade - almost black - in color and is also a matte finish. This looks absolutely beautiful in the pan, but when swatched the shade comes out quite patchy. If you spend some time building this shadow up you can get decent pigmentation but blending this shade is a bit tricky because it seems drier in texture.

Shade 3 is a beautiful purple based blue shade and is a semi-matte finish. While I think this shadow is beautiful I think it would have complimented the row better if it would have been brighter in shade. However, I find this shade soft and smooth to apply with decent bendability.

Shade 4 is also a navy blue color and appears to be matte. When swatched and applied to the eyes this shadow is one of the biggest letdowns from the entire palette. There is barely any pigmentation within this shade and in my eyes, it's completely useless in this column.

For me, shades one and two are really pretty but aren't complete standouts. I think they are just average shadows that you can purchase from the drugstore. They are smooth and soft and they are somewhat pigmented. But I just feel like I wouldn't reach for this column because shades three and four are so lacking in many aspects. I'm also disappointed that there isn't a lot of shade variety in this column because I feel if there would have been this would have made the column usable for me.

Friday's Column (sixth column) is another standout column to me because it contains some beautiful bright blues and beautiful green shades. These shades are not something I would generally reach for on my own and I wouldn't even know how to pair green shades together. I'm thankful that this palette has already done the hard work for me and gives me a beautiful blue/green look that I can easily create. Combined with this beautiful column is a lackluster eyeliner shade, though. I'm assuming this shade was supposed to be green but it is more of a really muddy black/brown shade. I don't believe this shade goes with the beautiful shadows but I suppose you could rotate this liner shade out for another color in the palette. I just wish the eyeliner shade would have been more thought out.

Shade 1 is a light baby blue shade and is completely matte. This shadow is absolutely beautiful. It's smooth, soft, pigmented and blends onto the eyelids very well. I would use this shade all over the lids or even as an inner corner highlight.

Shade 2 is to-die-for bright teal shade and is a satin finish. This color is another standout shade from the entire palette. With its beautiful pigmentation and bendability, this is something I would continue to reach for over and over again.

Shade 3 is a martini apple green shade with a slight yellow sheen. Once again this formula is smooth and soft and the shadow itself is pigmented and easily blends. Of all the shades in this palette, I find this martini green shade to be the most unique in color.

Shade 4 is a deep forest green shade and is semi-matte in finish. Just like many of the colors in this row, this is a standout shade. It's one of the most pigmented from the entire palette and applies absolutely beautifully in swatch and on the eyelids.

All of the shadows in this row are standouts! Each of the shadows was pigmented, smooth, soft and performed beautifully in many of the makeup looks that I used them in. Like I said in the beginning, I just wish the eyeliner would have been more thought out so that this would have been a completely look.

Saturday's Column (seventh column) is the deep, dark and smokiest of them all because it contains your grays and blacks. This once again is the column I would reach for on an everyday basis because I tend to use gray and black in all of the looks that I do on myself. Paired with these dark shadows is your classic black eyeliner. Once again, I'm not in love with the sheer formula of the eyeliner but I think that it could be used well as an eyeshadow base or even used as a more smudged and smokey eyeliner effect.

Shade 1 is a light matte gray shade and is very similar in shade to shade one from Thursdays Column. Having two shades so close in shade really doesn't impress me. I wish this shade in the Saturday Column would have just been a pure white shade to compliment the blacks. The formula of this shadow though is soft and smooth and it has some really great pigmentation.

Shade 2 is a medium gray shade with a semi-matte finish. However, I wasn't impressed by this shade. While it gives some pigmentation it doesn't give me enough and even went built up the shadow just gets very muddy.

Shade 3 is a dark gray with a semi-matte finish and a slight blue sheen. This is another standout shade in the palette as it is pigmented, smooth and soft. However, when blending onto the eyes this shadow is going to take a bit of extra work. I would also be careful in what color shadows you use with this as it can make your entire look muddy.

Shade 4 is a deep charcoal black with a semi-matte finish. Black is one of those shadows that can be really hard to nail down but I think this shade is once again, smooth and soft. However, I did experience some blending issues with the shadow but nothing as several as others in this palette.

Overall the standout shades in this column have to be shades three and four. The shades have great potential and they really do work well on the eye if you are willing to put in a bit of extra work. While shades one and two are pretty, I think they are just average shades that you could find in other palettes and other single shadows.

QUO Cosmetics has always done a great job at making palettes that are really versatile and contain a large variety of products to help you create an all over look. As you can tell this palette really lays out 7-essential eyeshadow looks for you to recreate. In combination with these eyeshadows, this palette also contains two face powders and a blush shade. All of these products are absolutely beautiful and I would 100% reach for these products on an everyday basic.

Shade 1 is a beautiful matte peachy cream toned shade and would be perfect as an all over the face setting powder. Since I'm fairly pale this shade would work perfectly for me in the Wintertime when I struggle to find powders light enough for me.

Shade 2 is a beautiful dusty pink blush that packs amazing pigmentation. This blush can be sheered out or built up to create the desired look you are going for. I also think that this particular blush shades suits every single one of the looks you can create with this palette.

Shade 3 is a pale yellow based face powder shade and is completely matte. This is the shade I would use to set my undereye concealer because I think this yellow would help to contract darkness in this area and it would bring some brightness to this area.

If you have made it this far into the review, I'm sending you the biggest of hugs!

Overall, I think this palette has its place in the market. But I also think there could have been some improvements done to some of the shadows to really keep the formula consistent throughout all of the shades. While some shades are absolutely beautiful, other shades are completely dudes and unusable. I also think that those with oily eyelids will also appreciate this palette a little bit more over those with dry eyelids. Because these shadows are a dry formula I just don't find they battle well with dry eyelids - which is what I have.

This was a huge palette for me to try and review for you. And I wanted to review each shade individually because I think there was a huge difference with some of the shades - as I'm sure you saw in the review. I'm really thankful that I was able to try this palette and I think that if you are a pre-teen or teenager that this palette would be absolutely perfect for you since chances are you are just starting out in makeup. However, for those makeup veterans - like myself - there will be some major flaws in this palette that might cause you not to enjoy it.

Would this palette be something that you would purchase?
Did you enjoy me reviewing each product within this palette separately?

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