* The following information is a full disclosure policy set in place to provide accurate and responsible information to the readers and viewers of Embrace & Ignite. If you have any concerns after reading please don't hesitate to contact me! *

Beauty Reviews & Product Thoughts;
Any review that is done here on Emrbace & Ignite is 100% the honest truth on how I feel about the product. No company, brand, friend or other blogger will ever influence the content that I post here pertaining to a product. You all are dedicated readers, followers and friends and in return I will always provide you with accurate and honest information about anything on this blog!

PR Samples and Sponsorship;
At the end of every post, there is a 'disclosure' quote. In this quote, I will indicate whether the items in the post are something that I purchased with my own money or were gifted to me by a company. I will also indicate whether I am being compensated by a company for a specific post. If a post contains a PR Sample or gifted product I will indicate these posts with an asterisk '*' and if they are a sponsored post I will also indicate those using a stated quote at the bottom of the post. If it is still not clear to you and you would like to know more about a specific post or product please feel free to ask!

Affiliate Links;
Affiliate Links may be found in blog posts or along my sidebar featuring various companies. If affiliate links are contained in a post these posts will be marked with an asterisk "*" and will also be disclosed at the end of the post. Affiliate links may make me a commission per click or per sale through my link  - this is NOT always the case however. If you have questions about a specific link don't hesitate to ask!

Giveaways happening via Embrace & Ignite will be held through a rafflecopter giveaway system in which you must follow the intended directions in the giveaway post in order to enter. All information in association with the giveaways will also be located in the giveaway post. No giveaway accounts or untrue followers will win the prize. Only those who genuinely follow me, interact with me and enjoy my blog will have the chance to win the prize. Unfollowing after the giveaway has ended will mean an automatica disqualification from ALL giveaways.

Disqus has been installed on Embrace & Ignite for an easier means of communication with my friends and fellow bloggers. All comments that are left on posts or pages are responded to within 48 hours, unless of other emergency matters out of my control. I try my hardest to check my Disqus Dashboard every single day - but as we all know things do get hectic so please bare with me. 

Also please feel free to link me to your blogs, most recent posts or giveaways! Please however, do not spam the comments section with these links to other commenters!

Contact Information;
If you have any questions concerning anything that was mentioned in this disclosure policy please feel free to contact me through any of my social media channels or by emailing me: krystal.sweetxsunshine@hotmail.com

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