Battle of the Felt Tip Eyeliners!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hey Dolls!
Recently I have been on the hunt for the best possible Felt Tip Eyeliner, I like to use Felt Tip Eyeliner`s rather than anything else because it makes it easiest for me to apply eyeliner on my top lash line. It gives me the best possible control over where I am putting the eyeliner, since when I take of my glasses I am practically blind.
Eyeliners Shown (top to bottom): NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner, Jordana Fabuliner, Essence Stays No Matter What Eyeliner & Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous.

I have been testing out several of these for many months now and think that I have finally found the perfect one for what I want it for. I bought all of these in the shade Black and did several tests, not only on my eyes but onto my hands to see just how long the liner would last without fading and such things.

Eyeliners (left to right): Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous, Essence Stays No Matter What, Jordana Fabuliner and NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner.

As you can tell from the swatches above:

Hard Candy Eyeliner doesn`t appear very black and does come of streeky, however when I first purchased this it did not, this is after many months of use and therefore this eyeliner is very low and almost gone, this one is my second favorite of the four.

Essence Stays No Matter What Eyeliner has a fantastic brush on it, its very long and skinny and does allow me to create the perfect line, however the formula is very purple and blue toned and does not come out as black as I wish. The brush on this also wears down quite fast and does become very gross and doesn`t create a smooth line over time. 

Jordana Fabuliner is one of my favorites and as you can see from the swatch it is very black and dense and does create a perfect line with equal product through the entire swatch. This has to be my absolute favorite of the four eyeliners, this has been the easiest one to use for me and with one swipe over my lash line it is at full intensity and I don`t have to worry about this fading or smudging throughout the day.

NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner is the new eyeliner of the bunch and this one I absolutely dislike, it comes off very light (almost grey) in the swatch and the brush is very hard and hurts my upper lash line when I place it on eyes. It just makes it very uncomfortable to try and use and this does not preform well, in my opinion.

I recommend and love the Jordana Fabuliner and cannot wait to repurchase this!!!! I recommend it to anyone who is interested in a good Felt Tip Eyeliner


  1. I wish you had a Wordpress blog so I could like every single one of your posts! I'm in love with it already(:

    1. If you have a bloglovin account, you can like every single one of my posts there :)
      Or you can follow me here or there!

  2. Oh the Jordana liner is definitely the better one isn't it?! The NYC is so watery xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. The NYC is the worst, it is very watery and has very little color, however I think it would work if I want to do little eyeliner, but still wanted to have a light color there. Jordana is by far my favorite!


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