L'Oreal True Match Foundation | Picking Your Shade!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recently I did a First Impressions & Review on the L'Oreal True Match Foundation and I had someone on my instagram ask me how I picked up shade and went about picking it because L'Oreal has such a huge shade range and in different categories. After dong some research and looking for some swatches and other reviews I wanted to share with you how I picked my color and also tips and tricks to help you pick yours!

 **tip: to determine your skin tone look at the under side of your wrist: if your veins are blue tinted this means you have cool toned skin & if you have green color veins this means you have warmed toned skin**

In the L'Oreal True Match Foundation line there are three different sections: N, C & W.
These different sections stand for Neutral, Cool & Warm, this means you will want to base your foundation chose on what skin type of you are. My veins are unfortunately kind of in-between the cool and warm tone color so I chose the Neutral section! I then chose my foundation based on what colors I am in other foundations, since I'm Ivory I decided to chose the Soft Ivory color.

If you want to better color match a foundation to your skin my trick is to hold the bottle up to the underside of your wrist, this will give you the best ideas of what color your face is and give you the best match. I also suggest walking around the store and testing it in different lighting, try and find a well lite area and then try and find a more dark area within the store to see if the foundation looks good up against your wrist. If you fake tan or go tanning this area of your body (under side of your wrist) may not be accurate so you may have a harder time picking a foundation.

Also if you are lucky enough you may actually find a tester in the store which you can then use to color match as you normally would. You can either color match this around the jawline or on the under side of the wrist. I find that using the underside of my wrist works best because its the part that is the closet color to my face, I also like this area because it isn't tanned or dirty (which your face really isn't either)!

Did this help you out? Do you have any tips and tricks?
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