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Saturday, June 14, 2014

 * this post contains my top 8 favorite beauty gurus! all opinions are my own and I want to apologize if I offend anyone in this post *

* also known as emily eddington *
Emily is one of the sweetest girls that I watch on youtube, she is brutally honest and not afraid to tell you when something is down right crappy. I also love her videos because she uses drugstore products, she isn't about buying all high-end makeup and showing it off. She is a real everyday girl who simply doesn't always have the money to spend. I also like her because she makes each and every video fun and unique and because her tutorials are easy to follow and are always different. She uses many different techniques and tips and tricks in her videos that I can really use in my everyday makeup life! & did you know shes pregnant! :D


I mainly keep up to date with her activity through instagram because I find she tends to post amazing swatches of all kinds of new and exciting products on there. However she also goes really great blog posts on many of the items and she is beginning to venture into making youtube videos which I also find very helpful.


The famous Meggy Grace from tumblr is another one of my favorite people in the beauty community, she isn't your conventional beauty guru in that she makes youtube videos or tells you about products or any of those sorts of things. She does however post great photos of different beauty products, answers tons of beauty related questions and creates her own images to either tell you how to create a look or other things.


Has been the reigning queen of my beauty life for quite sometime now, I love everything she does. She mainly does youtube videos but I love every single one she posts. I have also taken much inspiration from her in doing several of my everyday looks but with a spin. I also love her because she is a fully employed happy business owner who just happens to make her living doing what she loves and that really inspires me.


Makeup Geek or Marlena is someone I have just recently gotten into watching mainly through her weightloss videos, but recently have discovered her line of cosmetics and I am hoping to purchase some of them soon. I also find she goes really great and helpful videos not just in showing young girls how to work with makeup but also showing what kinds of products and varieties are out there for you to test and try.


This is another girl that I have recently discovered, at first I started following her blog and then I followed her youtube channel, when I first started following her on youtube I found that she rarely had videos but in last weeks she has had a ton, many of them hauls which are my favorite but she also does tutorials and makeup looks along with advice on products and what she likes, I also love her because her blog is super clean and neat and something I really enjoy to go on and read when I have nothing better to do.


The believe these girls are the owners of the Real Techniques brand (correct me if I'm wrong), I have been following them for a long time however I was never really interested in there videos until recently, I watched a tutorial and fell in love with there videos, I love how user friendly and easy to follow their videos are and I cannot wait to watch some more of there videos. They are also great if you are a beginner in makeup and really want to learn some of the basics along with some tricks to make makeup easier for you.

Last but certainly not least if Julia Graf, she is one of my absolute favorite beauty gurus living in Switzerland (or Germany, I can't remember), she does a lot of hauls along with makeup tutorials. I find however that one of her tutorials are very advanced and I enjoy those because they challenge me in my everyday makeup routine. I'm always wanting to try out and new and exciting things and I find that I can watch one of her videos and know exactly what I want to try out on myself.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and learning about who are my favorite beauty gurus, of course I have several more that I really love! If you would like to know who else I like, please let me know! :)


  1. I like that you didn't post the most well known youtubers & bloggers. You gave me new people to watch :)

  2. ahh I love makeup geeks vids, so informative and I've picked up so many tips from watching her! Lovely post :) L xo

    1. Thanks :D I'm glad you enjoyed the post and my FOTD you also commented on! I love finding new blogs to follow and I really love yours! Keep up the great work and keep checking back for new posts

      x Krystal


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