Revlon Shadow Links | First Impressions!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

 Revlon Shadow Links | $3.50

After seeing so many reviews on the Revlon Shadow Links and seeing many people kind of say they are hit and miss I dedicated to pick them up at my local drugstore while they were on sale. I purchased four of the shades and these cost me about two dollars and fifty cents, which isn't a great deal up compared to close to four dollars it is! I wanted to purchase a variety of shades and finishes so I could compare them to each other but also find out which shades and formula Revlon hit the mark on!

I chose to pick up the colors (left to right): Bone, Greige, Gunmetal & Sea Foam.
I was very worried to purchase these because I had heard many bad reviews on these saying they were dry and lacked pigmentation and overall were just not a super great eyeshadow. While I believe some of those claims from other reviews I also find these to really work for me! I also love the unique click together idea which allows me to easily travel with the products and to make any different looks!

I wanted to try a few different colors and finishes from this line so the first two colors in my collection (Bone & Greige) are both matte shades while the last two shades (Gunmetal & Sea Foam) are both satin finishes. I do have to say although I really enjoy all of these overall the satin shades have won me over the most. 

The first shade, Bone, is a very neutral cream/white color and has VERY little pigmentation (as seen below), I did however use this in a look today for my browbone highlight and it did look very pretty, where its matte and only a few shades lighter than my skintone it worked well to bring light to that area. The second shade, Greige, I used as a crease for transistion color and this worked very well, it did remind me of the Tease shade from my Naked 2 Palette, but a bit more grey which I tend to like a little bit better than the more brown toned shades. The third shade, Gunmetal, is the most pigmented of the four and is the first satin finish in my click palette, I used this as an outer v color and slightly into the crease, it really blended well and did deepen my crease very nicely. The fourth shade, Sea Foam, is a very nice minty blue sea foam color and this is very shimmery and does swatch very nicely, I did apply this in the center of my lids for a super bright pop of color, although it worked when I finished my eye look and blended everything together this color did just blend away, but I was able to build it up and get a nice wash of the blue shade.

Overall I was very impressed with all the shades that I picked up and although some of them weren't as great as others, they did apply to the eyes with pigmentation and blendability. I find that when swatched these are dry, which swatching with your fingers I kind of expect. I do however feel like these apply one hundred percent better with a brush (like they are meant to). I do want to try a few more of the brighter colors along with some more of the deeper shades because I do think those shades will be more pigmented and work better on the eyes. 

Have you tried the Revlon Shadow Links? What colors do you have? What are your thoughts?

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