Jordana Blushes | Swatches & Review

Monday, July 14, 2014

Shades (left to right):
Sandalwood, Rose Silk, Touch of Pink & Coral Sandy Beach

After hearing many great things about the Jordana Blushes and after reading many reviews and doing a great deal of research into swatches and colors I decided to place an order through to pick up a few of the blush shades. At the time of placing my order I actually got these blushes for $1.50! I'm very happy that I was able to pick these up on such a great sale but I'm actually really impressed with the overall blush itself!

Jordana Blushes come in a medium sized round container in which the top screws on and off of ; I love the packaging idea because I feel like this keeps the product a little bit more sanitary. In my collection I have many blushes that sometimes will just come open when I'm fiddling around in the drawer but the Jordana one's stay perfectly sealed. I also love the packaging because it is super easy to store, I do store these on there side and they all stand nicely across each other with hassle.

The other thing I really love about these blushes is the pigmentation, as you can see in the image above all the colors are super pigmented and very bright ; when applying these I do use a light hand and a very sparce brush so I'm only to deposit a small amount of product onto my cheeks. The image you see about is only one swipe of the product and is taken in direct sunlight so I was able to capture the true colors of the blushes!

Overall I give this blush a big 10/10 - because of the cheap and affordable price ($2.50 reg) and also because of the overall quality of the blushes, I think these were well thought out and well made products and its great that Jordana provides there customers with great products at affordable prices. If you are interested in purchasing these blushes you can do so at: & ; where they are both currently in stock!

Have you tried these blushes? What are you favorite shades? What are your thoughts?


  1. These are all beautiful looking, want them all!

    1. Thanks :) I want to get more too!

      ~ Krystal

  2. Lovely post!
    Keep in touch xoxo

  3. These look like awesome blushes!
    Need to try them.

    xo Franchesca| City Mermaid

  4. I love the blog posts you write! I've nominated you in my liebster award


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