My Foundation Struggle & Skincare Story!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

 Every since about the age of twelve I have suffered with acne, small breakouts here and there were common but usually went away with one to two days. I wouldn't suffer long and they would not be huge and painful. Recently after starting my first year of College I began to again breakout, this time in large areas where it was common for five blemishes to show up at one time in this area, this meant that my breakouts were not only annoying but painful. Most of the ones I experienced where under the skin, which in my opinion is the worst kind because they are untreatable. Breakouts that come to the surface area easy to treat because (this is gross I know) they can be opened and have an acne fighting treatment applied to them, these can also be washed and cleansed to have the dirt removed from them. After struggling with this acne problem for about 3 months I finally decided it was time to visit my doctor and she fixed me up right away with a 3-month trial perscription that was said to cause my acne to go away!

I was extremely excited when 3 weeks into the medication my acne and scaring on my face had literally disappear - however I still received hormonal breakouts around that time of the month but this was common for my skin! After the 3-month trial was up, I stopped the medication and noticed a huge difference in my skin when using the medication I had been using the Revlon Colorstay Foundaton for Normal/Dry Skin - after stopping this medication I found my skin to be oily so I switched versions. I enjoyed using this foundation because it was recommended by my doctor that I use what are called non-comedogenic products, the short version of this is simply that they will not cause your pores to become filled with product and toxins and therefore this will slow down or stop breakouts! This foundation has product been my holy grail for the entire acne treatment process, once switching foundations I did notice that my skin once again because quiet dry especially around my chin area! This then caused another problem!

Approximately one month ago my breakouts returned and my skin got to a point where it was unbearable! I currently am suffering scarage on my chin on the left side from an area where SEVEN blemishes appeared! I do want to say that I do wash my face every single day, I also cleanse and moisturize and follow the doctors instructions of how to do so and of also using the products she recommended. After the healing of those areas I have now extremely dry skin, almost to the point where it has become like my face is sunburnt and feels as if it were pealing off all the time. I have visited my doctor again and I am currently headed towards a dermatologist to speak to them about acutane! If anyone has heard or used this product I would love to hear your stories and thoughts!

At the end of the day foundation just isn't cutting it anymore, I have several raised scabs on my chin area from the previous breakout and nothing works! I have tried several methods and treatments myself to keep makeup on and lasting but nothing works and I have become to embrace it! The moral of my story is I have bad skin, I have skin that hurts me, that makes me look 'less perfect' but it does not stop me from living my daily life, I still go to work and go out shopping and to family functions and to be honest I wear VERY little makeup! My bad skin as taught me to embrace what I have and to be happy that I am how and I and that I have imperfections. Makeup is a passion of mine but it also isn't something I need to cover me up and make me look like someone I'm not! So my message to all young girls suffering with acne or dark spots is be who you are! Yes they are discouraging but chose to get up every single day and be confident! Because guess what?!


If you have any skincare stories, tips, tricks or would just like to voice your opinion on your experiences or even some amazing foundations for acne prone skin! I'd love to hear from you :)


  1. You should try BB creams if you are struggling with foundations! I way prefer them :)

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. It is so hard, with foundation because, I have found that once I started using it, I just could not stand my face without it, so I am sort of addicted to it, lol.

  3. I really want the L'Oreal True Match Foundation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have dry skin and I love my IT Cosmetics CC Cream. This is perfect for every day use. Great post!


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