Friday Five: #1

Friday, October 3, 2014

Welcome to 'Friday Five' this post is unique to Little Beauty Bug and is going to be something that I'm going to be posting every single Friday! This post will feature five things: weither it be products, instagram accounts, images from google or many other beauty related and life related things. I thought this would be a great way to share every week the things I've really been loving or the individuals who stood out to me. I hope that you find this post enjoyable and helpful and that you enjoy reading all about my 'weekly favorites'!

This week I've been keeping it very low key with my makeup and only wearing minimal products to help improve the overall appearance of my skin as its going through another stage of bad acne! Something that I posted a review on earlier this week is the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer in the Color Correcting verison; this has really been helpful to tone down some of the overall redness in my skin and has been making a really great base for the makeup I have been applying! In doing such low key makeup for the entire face I've done my eyes to match and have really been diving into using my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette even more than I was before. I've also been experimenting with the more unique shades in the palette that I don't tend to reach for a lot and its been creating some really lovely soft focus type of looks!

Because of the few because products I've been trying there are several things I know I want to pick up try and Sephora (Website Here) has a great application to there website where you are able to 'love' your favorite items or items you wish to purchase. This has been really helping me this week with all the new product releases to be able to compile a 'wishlist' of items I want to purchase and test out for my blog and to buy for my on personal use! Its been really helping me stay organized and I'm hoping to do a 'New Products' post in the near future that I really feel this application has helped me with doing!

The last two 'things' in this first Friday Five I want to talk about are actually people and there lovely accounts they have in the beauty world. Many of you I'm sure know who Shaaanxo is, she has a very popular beauty channel on YouTube and she does some of the best makeup tutorials and products reviews on YouTube (in my opinion)! Recently she posted her very requested Makeup Collection Video and it was something I actually watched two or three times and was very inspired by her overall organization and that sparked me actually to start creating my own. I was also impressed by many of her others videos that she released this week and I highly recommend going and checking out her channel (link here)! 

The last but not least most wonderful lady I want to talk about actually owns an instagram account and her name on there is wickedwarpaint - Hannah! She has been someone I have followed since my very first day on instagram and I believe her to be one of the first I followed and since the I have been able to watch her account grow and move as she does. The reason I love her account, not only because she is the nicest and kindest girl I've meet, but her images are high quality and her swatches are absolutely true to color. Recently she just did a whole swatch series on her Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and that's why I've included her in this post because I really feel like her account is something you need to check out!

I hope you all enjoyed my first 'Friday Five' post! I'm sorry that it was quite long and making it smaller is something I plan to work on in the future. If you have made it this far I'm very happy that you took interest in this post! Be sure to let me know:

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  1. Nice post! Naked 2 is a great palette; I wear it nearly everyday! Also, thanks for the Instagram suggestion - I'm following Hannah now and I like her photos :)

    Tara / Headline Beauty xox

  2. Great post-idea! Naked 2 is amazing, but recently I dug out original Naked palette for more autumnal-looks. :)


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