Hard Candy Sheer Envy Color Correcting Primer Review!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recently I have been running out of my amazing Smashbox Photo Ready Primer's that I snagged on clearance and since I don't have the funds to purchase those primers again I needed to go on the hunt for new one. I knew that a while ago Hard Candy had released some brand new primer formulas and since there really one of the very few in the drugstore I decided to pick one up to give it a try. I did not have high expectations for this product because I had preciously owned the Sheer Envy Light Primer and I really didn't like because of how watery and greasy it was but I decided to try a new formula and kind instead!

I decided to pick up the new Color Correcting version of the Hard Candy Primer, because I've really been suffering from a lot of acne including scarring and some hyper-pigmentation because I thought it would really help to even out my skin tone before applying foundation. When I originally used this I was surprised to find it was a thicker formula which I wasn't overly impressed by because I thought it was going to clog up my pores. However when applied it went onto the skin very smooth and although it comes out of the tube with a greenish color it does blend into the skin effortlessly and with little color pay off. Its also a very silicone based texture once you start to work it into the skin and heat it with your fingers, this makes for better application and an even coverage.

The lasting powder on this primer is also quite great, since I go to school for roughly four to seven hours per day and find that my makeup stays on my face well after that mark. I do find that I get quite shiny through the day but not as much as with other primers I have used. For the $8 (Canadian) that I spent on this I was very impressed with the quality, formula and lasting powder of product so much so that I went out and purchased the 'Matte' formula and I'm hoping to test this one out soon in hopes that it will tone down the shininess a bit.
Overall I highly recommend taking a look at the primer section for Hard Candy in your local Wal-Mart and picking up this formula if you are suffering from any kind of acne or discoloration because it really does allow for an even application and really helps in evening your skintone out. And lets be honest the price is incredible!

Have you tried this face primer?
What are your favorite drugstore face primers?

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  1. Did you notice a significant difference with correcting discoloration with the acne scars?

    1. No I did not. However, I felt like when I applied this is did even out my skin tone slightly and I loved the feeling on the primer on my skin, it was very light and not heavy and it keeps my makeup on for a really long time! If you're looking for products to help your discoloration I recommend seeing a dermatologist who can assess your skin and product you with help and advice :)

      Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug | Bloglovin'

    2. One more thing...did the product seem to matify your skin?


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