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Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey Dolls! I hope you have enjoyed my Top Products of 2014 posts over the last couple of days. I really had a lot of fun testing out and trying new products and find amazing ones to share with you all and for myself to use. If you haven't seen those posts, I will link them at the end of this one for you to check out. Now on to bigger and better things. Over the Christmas Holidays I was fortunate enough to do some holiday shopping with some money I received and originally I was going to purchase the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette, but after getting into Sephora I grabbed the Naked 2 Palette and like always wandered around the store. And I spotted the Kat Von D InnerStellar Palette, I did some swatches and really feel in love with it and I was super lucky as I snagged the last one on the shelf!

Like many of the other Kat Von D Palettes, the InnerStellar Palette has the exact same cardboard packaging and has a beautiful reflective metallic design (which my image doesn't show great) and inside it has the same shadow layout with three larger highlight type shadows and nine smaller average sized shadows. This palette is a cool toned palette but has a large variety of taupe's, browns, purples, grey's and the signature black shade. All of the shadows are extremely pigmented and have very little fallout, these are also smooth to the touch and easy to blend on the eyes. However I want to point out that if you own the Monarch or Chrysalis Palette that the shadows in the InnerStellar Palette are NOT the same formula. To compare the shadows in the Monarch Palette have very little to zero fallout, while the InnerStellar Palette does have some slight fallout and especially in the more metallic shades. The Monarch Palette also is very smooth, and almost a cream like consistency, whereas the InnerStellar Palette is smooth but it doesn't have the same cream like feel and you can really feel the powder in these shadow.
Above are some swatches of the palette (left to right: lycan, killing moon, 3am, night crawler and dios). All of the shades were very smooth to apply to the skin and I didn't have to dig into the palette or press hard on the skin to get the shadows to transfer. However you can see that some of the shades are quite metallic and even the matte brown shade isn't fully matte. And the first shade is a beautiful duo-chrome pink and purple which is absolutely stunning on the eyes. I do also want to point out in the swatches that you can tell, specially with the purple, that some of the shades are a little bit patchy which I have never experienced with Kat Von D shadows before. This palette does take some work when creating eye looks to make sure you have everything fully blended together. However, I think the shades in this palette and the arrangement of the shadows makes it really easy to create so many different makeup looks from everyday neutral to dark and vampy smokey looks. 
I would recommend this palette if you are looking for something that is very cool toned and purple based. I think its great to have in your collection if you are lacking in those areas, but if you already have many cool toned shadows or palettes I would skip on this particular one. I personally, do have quite a few cool toned palettes and shadows in my collection however I wanted a palette that combined my favorite color, purple, along with the cool toned shadows and was something small and compact that I could travel with and also would be versitle in my everyday life. Kat Von D makes some amazing shadows but I would absolutely say if your looking to get one of her palettes splurge for the Monarch (which I believe is $5 bucks more here in Canada than the InnerStellar Palette) because the shadows are neutral for everyday wear and there an amazing formula. However, I also think some of you would enjoy this palette if your into a more powder type of formula and really love cool toned shades or have the skin tone to pull them off!

Have you tried this palette?
What are your thoughts?
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  1. This palette is on my birthday wishlist :D I've never own anything from Kat Von D before but this palette is so pretty :)

    1. I've owed the Monarch Palette before this one and so far there my favorite palettes. I even own one of the Naked Palettes and I find Kat Von D's quality 10x better!

      Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 // ­­Bloglovin'

  2. I've heard some fab things about her makeup recently, especially her eyeliners. I'm still thinking of going with the Naked 2 palette for the cooler tones so it's interesting to get some ideas on whether this would be a good one to go for. Think I'm still going to buy the Naked 2 but this one is def going on my Birthday list! x


    1. If your looking for extremely wearable and easy to work with shadows I would chose the Naked 2 (I have that palette as well) I think this palette is more for special occasians and not everyday wear! However these are a great formula and a great amount of product for the price. If your looking to try her shadows though, I'd pick up the Monarch Palette first, just because there work wearable and easier to use. However the InnerStellar is LIMITED EDITION!

      ~ Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug :)


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