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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hey Beauties! These past couple of weeks have been crazy hectic for me, I've felt like I've had zero time to sit down and watch some good old YouTube videos or read as many blog posts as I usually do. But like I usually do these couple of weeks I've watched and read a few and I'm going to share the girls that I have been constantly coming back to for my beauty fix. I've been following all of these girls for months now and there all fairly new to me in my subscriber and follower feeds and I really wanted to share them all with you. This will also give you a better understanding of who I'm following as well as who I take my beauty inspiration from on a day to day basis. These girls have seriously impacted the may I view makeup and the inspiration behind my blog. These girls have honestly taught me so much with my makeup and beauty life that I couldn't just not share them all with you! :)

Young Wild and Polished (Nicole - YouTuber)
Hands down Nicole is my favorite YouTuber - lets just clear that up! First of all the personality on this girl is killer, she is funny, smart, sweet, sincere, crazy, lovable and so caring. Honestly she has the personality of a hero. I've only watched Nicole for a short period of time, but long enough to know I would die to meet her in real life. Honestly, her videos are quite long so if you're not into long videos you may not appreciate that but there always so concise and full of her thoughts and honest opinions and most recently there full of swatches! Recently she has posted tons of NEW NYX product swatches, including the Intense Butter Glosses and more. And at the end of every video she does bloopers and lets be honest who doesn't love some good bloopers. I think the best part about watching Nicole is realizing she is a real women, and that's not to say all the other YouTubers and Bloggers aren't but she has real life struggles, she shows us her kids and her husband sometimes and she ISN'T afraid to be exactly who she is! She's one of the biggest inspirations to me and I could honestly make a huge post all about her and link all of my favorite videos but would that be overwhelming and obsessive? :p
Bailey B (YouTube) | Making Up The Midwest (Blog)
If you haven't heard of Bailey you're seriously missing out, I started watching her a few months back and I have to say my favorite videos of her's are her foundation first impressions and demo's. She does some flawless makeup as well. But all of her demo's are so clean and crisp and there really spectacular to me. I also really love her blog which is always jam packed with new reviews and tons of high quality photos to look at. Chances are if I'm looking to get a new product I'm checking her blog for swatches and a review! Now to mention she is honestly one of the truest and sweetest people I watch, like you can really tell that she tries so hard in her videos and blog and she's passionate about what she does!
CoffeeBreakwithDani (Dani - YouTube)
Next is the lovely Dani, who I'm sure you all have heard about because she is like famous and a 'beauty guru' even though I know she hates being called that. The one thing I love about Dani is she sits down in front of the camera and has a real life conversation with you even when you can't respond. She always has the hugest smile on her face and her positive energy is overwhelming but so contagious. I constantly am watching her videos and just smiling and laughing with her because she is just so funny and so easy to get along with and watch. She also has a little bundle of joy on the way and I couldn't be more excited for her and her family! I really can't wait to see more of her videos and how she continues to grow into her new and larger family and how her channel continues to show amazing talents and wonderful reviews!
Petra from adjustingbeauty (Beauty Blogger)
Finally I'm going to talk about a blogger whom I honestly don't know that much about besides her name and her incredibly wonderful post blogs. If your looking for someone who does amazing product reviews and who's makeup looks are original and unique and spectacular you need to follow this girl. Honestly I've only been following her for like a month, but in that time I've saw so many tricks and tips that I have tried in my everyday makeup life not to mention her lip swatches of products are beautiful, not only does she show you her lips and the lip color but she shows you her whole face and how the overall lip product looks with a look which I find so rare to find in beauty blogger.
Amber from canadianfashionista (Fashion & Beauty Blogger)
Last but certainly not least is the lovely Amber and honestly the ONLY fashion blog that I follow and constantly keep up to date with. I've been following Amber for a few months now and like me she is a Canadian Babe, obviously. She does do lots of products reviews and swatch posts which is a plus in my book because I'm obsessed with makeup, but its so nice to be able to go through her fashion and outfit looks and really be able to wear what she is wearing. Because I live in such a cold climate I find it so hard to take inspiration from other bloggers because most times there in crop tops and skirts and that just doesn't rock around her. I also really love Amber's sense of style, shes so cute and girly but so professional and put together that its insane - even in casual outfits she still looks like a barbie!

I really hope you've enjoyed seeing this lovely and long little post about some of my favorite YouTubers and Bloggers at the moment. Be sure to comment down below and leave me some of your favorite so I can have some new ladies and gents to follow to and feature in later 'Link Love' posts. Also if you want to have your blog or channel featured in this post also leave all your links below as I'm a huge supporter of the beauty and fashion blogging community! 

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  1. I have never heard of any of these ladies! I shall look them up :) xx

  2. I really love bailey, dani and Nicole too! Some of my all time favorites to watch and I am excited to check out to he other suggested ones as well.

  3. I completely missed that post. Thank you so much for sharing my blog here. I really appreciate it and find it really heart warming that my posts may have inspired you in any way. :)) I love those kind of posts, since I always find someone new and you definitely gave me some good options. Thanks for the love again;).


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