Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation First Impressions

Friday, March 13, 2015

Hey Beauties! After a long makeup no buy sort of thing I stumbled into WalMart late last week and found a whole bunch of new products including the new Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation as well as some blushes, lipglosses and other amazing looking products. I know from many years past that the concealer has been highly raved about and I really have enjoyed the concealer in the past and I was really hoping that this foundation would be exactly like the concealer but in a lighter more liquid formula. I had very high hopes for this foundation because I have tried so many Hard Candy products that have been major holy grail products for me including there Sheer Envy Color Correcting Primer, but I was sadly disappointed with this foundation.
On the plus side this foundation is 1.1FL oz which is larger than your regular foundation amount and this costs $6.98 at our local Wal-Mart, this also comes with a pretty handy and useful pump. Sadly this foundation may not be in all stores yet or some stores may not carry this product so check different stores if you can. Upon first application of this I loved the color match, honestly this was one of the closest color matches I have found when it comes to foundation matches. However, the application process seriously went downhill from there. I used a dampened beauty blender dupe from Wal-Mart like I would normally used and placed my everyday Hard Candy Sheer Envy Color Correcting Primer underneath the foundation. But the foundation clung to my face instantly, to the point that when I blended this it is flaked and didn't sink into my skin enough; it was almost as if it had dried as soon as going onto my face but yet it hadn't. It just sat on top of my skin. If you have dry skin this foundation definitely isn't for you! My skin was so dry on my forehead that at the end of my makeup application I took the foundation in that area off, moisturized and then reapplied my primer and foundation and it caused little difference. Despite hating the feeling of looking awful all day I wore the foundation and honestly it did nothing for my skin, within a few hours the foundation had moved and slide off in places and just wasn't nice. I couldn't wait to get it home and get it off!
For coverage this foundation does have just as much coverage as the concealer and I do feel girls with more oily skin types or normal skin types could use this foundation and build it for more coverage. However, I also felt like this faded on my redness and acne spots throughout the day and that may be due to my dry skin that the foundation did just flake off in those areas. On the second day of wear I decided to really wash my face the night before and moisturize over night and again in the morning. Honestly this changed nothing. I still looked dry, and scale like if that makes sense. I really love the idea of this foundation and matching it to the famous and popular concealer but I really don't think this product lives up to the hype around the concealer. I think if you're looking for a high coverage foundation there are much nicer one's out in the drugstore that works 10 times better than this one! Another huge let down was the smell, this honestly just stinks, it doesn't even have a distinct smell but it just seems old to me. I never found the concealer to be drying to the point that I wanted to get it off my face ASAP and I really liked how light the concealer was and how well it covered but I just don't feel like the foundation is close to that at all.
If you've tried this foundation let me know how you feel about it! I'd love to hear how more oily girls feel about the foundation and how it holds up on that skin type considering I am the complete opposite. I really hope you enjoyed this review and link me to your reviews and thoughts as I would love to give them a read!
Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?

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