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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hey Beauties! Another Sunday is upon and its another time for me to sit down, type out a post and get it uploaded all in the same day no excuses! I've been thinking about ideas all week and there are so many I want to talk about including the Limecrime issue, new products at the drugstore, my favorite product of the week and why I wear makeup. But recently I've started a new journey in my life and I've become obsessed so today I thought I would talk about my other hobby and obsession and share with you my BRAND NEW BLOG! Don't worry Little Beauty Bug isn't going anywhere!
About three weeks ago I announced on Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram that I would be launching a planner, crafting and DIY blog - but more for planner addicts. This blog is now up and running and I'll leave the link below. Currently its for everyone and anyone who has an obsession with crafting and decorating and right now features many DIY projects but also so many planner accessories. Including Printable Planner Sticker Sheets, I know its so hard for some girls to purchase things online or have enough money to go out into the store and purchase things so I decided to give them a place where they can go to get planner addict and stationary for free. The only cost to you is paper or full sheet label paper which is $10! No shipping! No purchasing! No hassle! 
Its always been important to me for both Little Beauty Bug and anything else that I do to keep is as inexpensive as possible. Yes, I can go out and buy the Naked Palettes or the Hourglass Blushes or Tom Ford Lipsticks or Chanel whatever. But at the end of the day I know my target market (my readers) cannot afford those products. I know who my readers and viewers are and I know that I like to purchase products that really are low in price but high in quality and that's always what I'm striving to provide on this blog. The same now goes for The Planning Girl, I love planning and I love stickers and planner inserts and pretty planners but I'm not going to go out and buy a $50 Erin Condren just because, when I can go to Wal-Mart and get a $10 one that suits my needs just the same and that I can decorate just the same. And along with that the supplies that go with it are just darn expensive, I have searched Etsy and while many amazing sellers and people are on there selling there goods why pay $5 for 20 stickers when I know I can provide 144 stickers on a sheet FREE of charge!
I believe in still being able to offer services and products that people will enjoy, but I also like to offer products at fair prices or no price at all. I offer my products because honestly I' good at Photoshop and good at making them and I know other people aren't. Of course it would be nice to make a profit of of my designs and maybe one day I will but for right now its all about providing my readers with exactly what they want or need! I also want to announce this is my 100th post and I'm so proud that I was able to bring my blog this far!
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