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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hey Beauties! First off I would like to welcome you to my very first Sit Down Sunday, this will hopefully be a post that I'll be doing every Sunday or two times a month to just catch up on some beauty news or to sit down any answer questions or talk about a specific topic. For my first Sit Down Sunday I decided to start off by doing a little round up and discussion of the recently launched MAC Cinderella Collection. I personally have not tried the collection, and now that every things is sold out I obviously won't be trying it. But I've read and done a lot of research on the collection and wanted to provide to you guys why I think this collection was over-hyped and a let down, in my opinion.

First, lets start by looking at the collections packaging because I feel like its the only thing MAC got right when it came to this collection. The packaging as you can see is a beautiful Cinderella blue with gold lettering and its absolutely beautiful. This matched the many promotional images that MAC also released for this collection, which I'll provide below. From a Marketing standpoint I always feel like MAC does an amazing job with there images and descriptions and promotional tools to really get there consumers to buy there product and in the case of this collection I think they went above and beyond for this collection only to sadly say that so many people bought into the marketing and were disappointed by the products.

After seeing so many people on instagram, youtube and blogging talk about the products they got and there thoughts I really think its time that someone says this collection is not worth your money and MAC really shouldn't have promoted this as a makeup collection and more of a collections edition set! The products in this set are beautiful upon looking at them and yes some of the products like the eEeshadow palette and Royal Ball lipstick are beautiful when swatched but that's about where it all ends. The Eyeshadow Palette only contains one NEW shade and all the rest are permanent shades that you can already get in the MAC range, so really you are paying about $50 for one new shade from MAC and some really pretty packaging. As for the biggest let down in this collection, its probably the beauty powder, which I'll insert a swatch of down below from Temptalia, these look exactly the same and actually if you visit @emilysvanity on Instagram she swatched these powders and there was absolutely no swatch transfer. They honestly just look like a swatch of shimmer to me with no pigmentation, which for the price your paying for an item like this I'd expect at least some pigment.

Another things I wanted to touch on that was released with this collection was the Eye Gloss, which is meant to be a wet formula cream shadow type of product but its meant to give eyeshadows that wet appearance. For an everyday girl to go out and purchase this almost $30 product is insane. These products are more meant for makeup artistry or professionals working in the industry. Pixiwoo made a good point in there NPL video that these are great for someone on a photoshoot who has a makeup artist there to fix up the product, but for someone else to try these out and wear them it will be a hot mess. This was probably the most disappointing product to hear about for me because I think MAC should have focused on making the collection more usable for everyday girls instead of throwing in products that they know would have been unusable to the target market that they were aiming for for this collection.

Those are just a few of my rambles and thoughts on this collection and I really hope that I didn't offend anyone in saying some of these things. I just really think this was a disappointing collection from a makeup and marketing standpoint in a variety of ways and I know many other girls and guys feel this way. I really do love the packaging and I think the Eyeshadow Palette is great but for the other items in this collection they become very overhyped very fast and didn't live up to what MAC told us they were going to when they promote the collection. I'd really love to hear your thoughts about the product and collection, so make sure to leave them down below!

Did you purchase anything from the collection? What are your thoughts?

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  1. It looks like a pretty collection! It sold out so quickly x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. I agree it was so pretty, but I don't think you missed out after hearing all the negative about the actual products!

      Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug | Bloglovin'

  2. It does look like such a pretty collection, but I agree that it is disappointing - especially the eye shadow palette, they definitely should have brought out new shades for that!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I loved the color combo's in the palette but they just didn't match 'Cinderella' to me and I was so sad they were all permanent!

      Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug | Bloglovin'


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