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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hey Beauties! Let's start with the obvious this week; yes I have a new blog layout and new posts are on there way this week. I'm working on really getting things together and redesigning some posts that I've had drafted for ages now and I'm working on some brand new one's as well! There coming soon! As for Sit Down Sunday today I wanted to share some more personal things with you all and I guess its finally time to introduce you all to Josh! I've been dating Josh for almost three years now and while I've talked about him a few times on my blog, I haven't really fully introduced him or involved him much in my blogging life. Well today that's going to change. Last weekend when he was over we had some time to kill and he agreed to do 'The Boyfriend Tag' with me and allowed me special permission to post it up on my blog! We really had some good laughs doing this tag and to make it super fun I also answered the questions about him. So this really is more of 'A Couples Tag'. I really hope you enjoying reading some funny and serious answers about Josh and I and if you you want to hear and see more of Josh let me know in the comments. Also let me know if there are any other tag post's out there that I should consider doing because I love answering questions! Okay, enough rambling, lets get started...

Your out to eat, what kind of dressing do they get on there salad? 
Josh: She doesn't really like dressing on her salad
Krystal: He'd definitely get Caesar

What's one food they don't like 
Josh: Ice Cream!
Krystal: This is a hard one cause he likes everything....OU! Corn Chowder!

You got out and have something to eat, what do they order for a drink? 
Josh: She gets water
Krystal: He gets a Rum & Coke

What size shoe do they wear? 
Josh: Probably an 8.5-9
Krystal: I think a 10.5-11

If they were collecting anything what would it be? 
Josh: Lipstick!!!!
Krystal: Zelda video games, he has almost all of them!

What is there favorite type of sandwich? 
Josh: Tuna!
Krystal: Chicken Club

What would this person eat everyday if they could? 
Josh: OU! Potato Salad!
Krystal: I didn't know the answer to this one, but Josh told me salmon 

What's there favorite cereal? 
Josh: Cheerio's
Krystal: He isn't really a big cereal eater but he says he really likes the Quacker Oat Cereal with vanilla strawberry clusters (ouuu, fancy!)

What's there favorite music? 
Josh: He couldn't really think of anything, but I really like anything Hedley writes/sings
Krystal: Anything old and rock but ZERO country!

What's there favorite sports team? 
Josh: The local hockey team
Krystal: He doesn't really have a favorite

What's there eye color? 
Josh: Blueish-Green
Krystal: Blueish-Green
* yes we have the same eye color, but his are much more blue*

Who's there best friend? 
Josh: Me :D
Krystal: Ryan or Devan

What is something they do that you wish they didn't? 
Josh: Smoking
Krystal: Being closed minded sometimes

You bake them a cake for there Birthday, what kind is it? 
Josh: I'd give her a chocolate cake
Krystal: Even though I'd have know idea how to make this his grandmother makes this delicious white cake with cream cheese frosting from scratch!

Did they play sports? 
Josh: Yes, she played Basketball *I also played Badminton and did Cross Country*
Krystal: Yes, he also played Basketball

What could they spend hours doing? 
Josh: Working on her planners or blogging
Krystal: Playing Zelda, all day everyday. But we also like playing it together!

What is a unique talent they have? 
Josh: She's good at making face charts for makeup
Krystal: He's an INCREDIBLE cook!!

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