Winged Liner Using Eyeshadow

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hey Beauties! I shared this look in Instagram a few days back and I got a really positive response from people on there. I decided to thus share it on my blog with you all and give you a bit of an overview on how I did this look as well as a detailed product list. I've been feeling very uninspired when it comes to makeup lately and I honestly haven't been wearing a whole lot. I was thinking of new and unique ways that I could play around with my makeup to improve upon my techniques and I thought I would do a winged liner using eyeshadow and do a really smoked out pop of color in my crease to connect to my liner. Thus this winged liner using eyeshadow makeup look was born. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this look, in fact I know I'm not, but this is just my take on it as someone who is still a beginner when it comes to makeup.

I decided to again put my LA Girl Cosmetics Ultra Palette to use for this look because I love how easily the shadows are to work with. If you're a beginner I highly recommend checking out these palettes that LA Girl has released because there amazing quality and easy to work with. I decided to use the darkest shade in the palette to create the winged liner, I also just a Still Spa Essentials Eyebrow Brush to help me create the perfect flick. I started on the outside edge of my eye where the wing would normally start and I dragged the shadow towards my eye. I connected the shadow along the top lash line but only about half way across the eye so that my eyes still looked wide and fresh. I then used two middle shades in the palette, a very blue toned purple and a true purple shade to really give me some color in the crease. I started working in the crease using a QUO Crease Shadow Brush to lay the base of the color down, I then used a Soho London Fluffy brush to blend the color out. I then went in with the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush to really pack the color in more. After I finished that I added a cream shade from the LA Girl Smoky Palette just to separate the liner and crease shades some, this also gave my lids a nice highlighted effect. Finally to give some more brightness to the eyes I added the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on my lower waterline and then just used my finger to blend the color in so it wasn't so stark white. I then just finished with the Essence I <3 Extreme Mascara and did the rest of my face makeup. 

I really loved how different and pretty this look turned out. I have been loving the LA Girl Palettes as most of you may know by this point, but every time I use them I'm just even more impressed by the pigmentation and how easy they are to work with. I've also been just enjoying doing my own thing when it comes to makeup and that includes doing very minimal looks. I'm beginning to grow more confident in my skin and in myself and I'm really enjoying just leaving the house without makeup on at all. But I still enjoy throwing on a really cool shadow looks and doing a full face of makeup. If you have any questions about this look or any suggestions for looks you'd like to see me do, be sure to tell me in the comments below! Also let me know what you think of this look! :)
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  1. This violet shades really suit your eye color. I love the liner look with eyeshadow, but find it sometimes hard to make on myself. Yours looks great!:)

    1. Thanks sweetheart :)
      I find eyeliner quite hard to do on myself, I'm still really practicing!
      My next challenge is Gel Eyeliner!

      Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug | Bloglovin'


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