Project Pan Update #1 (2 Weeks)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hey Beauties! Its time to share my very first update of my Project Pan with you all. If you haven't seen the introductory post for my Project Pan I will leave it linked here and you can also find it in my sidebar. The basic idea of my Project pan is that I have selected seven products from my makeup collection that I will be looking to use up within a reasonable length of time. These products range from things that I use every single day as well as things that I just really want to use up so I can focus on other things that I own. I have been using all of these products and of course some more than others. This post is going to be my first 2 week update to tell you where I'm at with each product, if I'm still liking them and how much I would like to get done before the next update in another two weeks time. I hope that you will follow me through my Project Pan process and if you are doing something similar please leave your links below as I'd love to keep up to date with yours!
First is the Maybelline Master Conceal which I have been using every single day since I started this Project Pan Challenge. As you can see I was just above the 'R' for my first post of the Project Pan and today I am right above the 'By Facestudio' . I would say I have used about 1/6 of the product of the entire tube of product within the last two weeks. I have only been using this product underneath of my eyes instead of also using it on my face before foundation as well. I'm finding its really helping in brightening and covering my under eye circles - which have been a bit crazy lately. I'm hoping within the next two weeks to finish the same amount of progress as I did this week. I'm also thinking of trying this for an eyeshadow primer because it is very sticky, heavy and might work well for that.
Second is the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk which I've used almost every day as my eyeshadow base since my first Project Pan post. I got about a week's worth of use out of this pencil before I actually had to sharpen this product which I only did at the beginning of this week. I have been neglecting this slightly because I've been testing out some eyeshadows without using a base to see how they preform. I do absolutely love this product, but I would suggest being careful when applying this that you don't apply to much because it can crease underneath of your eyeshadows. I like to use a small amount and blend it out very good. Thus, I see this product lasting for a long time yet.
Third is the Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust For Blush. This is my absolute favorite everyday lipstick color and is a my lips but better color. I was kind of shocked when I went to check my progress for this today. I have probably only used this about two or three times without reapplication throughout the day and I did notice a fairly significant difference (for me anyway). I usually tend to apply lipstick in the morning and then not reapply at school or work, I tend to just throw on a lip balm afterwards which is what I have been doing the past two weeks. I really love all the Color Whispers that I have and as I continue with Project Pan post's I'm hoping to include more of them because I find them really easy to use.
The fourth product is the mascara that I've decided to try and use up in this Project Pan and that's the  I <3 Extreme Mascara by Essence. If you read my last post you know that I have a love hate relationship with this product. But lately I have been actually really enjoying using this product. Its hard for me to tell how much product I've actually used up because of the obvious black tube and I can't see inside. But I have been using it every single day since I started by Project Pan. I do feel as if  the product in the top is getting a bit more dry because I'm finding it harder to twist on and off the top - this is probably from the continuous use. I haven't noticed any smell or texture change and I'm excited to keep using this until its gone.
The fifth products that I'm trying to use up is the Essence All About Matt Powder - which sadly I'm disappointed in my use. I have used this two or three times to do the buffing technique that Wayne Goss has talked about on his YouTube channel. I want to try and use this again for my under eyes and to highlight areas of my face that may need some extra brightness. I hope that by the next update I can have this pretty much or almost gone because its time to get rid of it and try something new. I do think this is something I would repurchase it again but only after I use up some more powders in my collection. This has done a fantastic job at keeping me matte but I sometimes have to be careful with overuse of this product because it can have a white cast.
This product I knew I would make the most progress on and in fact was the one I did, this is the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Color Correcting Primer. I obviously use this as my foundation primer and because I love this so much its been super easy to use every single day. I know the line's don't look like a lot of progress but they are more than they appear considering I've used this close to 12 times already. I find that a little bit of product goes a long way, but I also find the more product I use the longer it keeps foundation and other makeup on my face. I also know from using a tube of this previously is that as this product gets lower in the tube that you really can get more uses out of it than what you think you can. I can probably make the rest of this last another month if I wanted, but I'm going to be trying hard to finish this up - but not over use it.
The last product that I've been really focusing on using is my EOS Lip Balm, which sadly I haven't made a whole lot of progress on. I have been having some really dry lips the last two weeks so I've been gravitating towards a Blistex one that really helps my lips feel moisturized. I have been using this though in the morning when I'm applying my makeup and at night when I go to sleep. I like how waxy the texture of this is for those times of the day because it stays on my lips really nice. I'm going to try and focus on this a bit more in the next two weeks, because it smells delicious. I just sadly don't feel like these do a lot for the lips when they aren't at there best.
That concludes the updates on the products that are in my Project Pan. I'm very excited to see the progress in all of these products because I've been trying really hard to use them all. I'm also really excited to continue to use these products in the next two weeks and then view my progress after that. If you haven't seen my original Project Pan post be sure to check out the link that's in my sidebar and see where I first started with these products so you can better understand my progress. If you are doing a Project Pan be sure to leave your links below as I would love to support and follow your progress! I'm obsessed with these types of post's lately and I would love to see yours :)

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  1. i really should try the hard candy primer. i always see it at walmart and it doesn't seem pricey at all! i'm glad to see you've been enjoying it.
    what foundation do you like to use?

    1. I use a variety of foundations including: Covergirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1, L'Oreal True Match, Revlon Colorstay and Maybelline Fit Me (Matte+Poreless & Hydrate+Smooth)! I hope that helps! :)

      Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug | Bloglovin'

  2. I'm currently on a project 5 pan until the rest of the year. Although I've yet to blog about it loool. My goal is to reduce the amount of makeup i buy. So everytime I use up 5 products, I'll treat myself to a new item!


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