LO'Real La Palette Nude 1 & 2 -// Review & Swatches!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hey Beauties! I know we have all been to the drugstore every single day for the last month on the hunt for everything new and exciting. I also know from your Twitter feed's that many of you have snagged the LO'Real La Palette Nudes 1 and 2 and I'm no exception. We also know how expensive these palettes retail for, here in Canada it's about $25-$30 not including taxes. So because of the high price tag and because of the LO'Real brand name I was excited to pick both these palettes up and really put them to the test and try them out. I have to say that both palettes are of good quality, but within my testing it also has become obvious that one palette stands high above the other in terms of quality and lasting power. I'm curious to see if any of my fellow bloggers agree, so make sure to let me know which palette is your favorite in the comments below!

LO'Real La Palette Nude #1;
It only seems fitting that I start out with the first palette in this little duo. The La Palette Nude 1 is made of warm-toned neutral colors in a range of really shimmery light shades to deep chocolate browns and some gold shades. I find this palette to be nothing overly exciting when looking at it from the outside packaging or even opening it up and playing around with it. If you're a nude eyeshadow lover chances are you already have something similar to this in your collection. However, that does not take away from that fact that the eyeshadow quality in this palette is outstanding. Each shadow is buttery, smooth, and soft, don't be afraid when I say that because these shadows don't leave a dusting of fallout on my face and I don't figure they will on yours. Even the shimmery and glittery shades are well pressed together and don't have any fallout, but they do apply with punches of pigmented. As you can see from the swatches above each shade is unique and each shade really does come packed with pigmentation. When you can swipe your finger in a product and get this type of swatch in ONE swipe you know its got to be good. Like always I recommend using primer, under these shadows just like I do with any other's but I think this palette is worth the investment if you need to amp up your nude eyeshadow life. Plus t'is drugstore and you can easily get your hands on it.

LO'Real La Palette Nude #2;
Now we're going to move on to the La Palette Nude 2, which is the palette I was much more excited to try. When these palettes first launched this was the only palette on my wishlist and that quickly and obviously changed when I walked into the store. The main reason this palette caught my eye was because it wasn't your traditional neutral palette or even your pink noted neutral palette. I found this palette was something completely unique while still being neutral, this was your purple hue neutral which I personally have seen very few brands do in larger palettes. Right from the beginning of using this palette though I found the quality to be the same as the first. All the shadows were pigmented, in one swipe, and really packed a punch when swatched. These even blended beautifully over the eyes and into each other. In saying that I think this palette lacks variety, of course, you have shade differentiation, but once applied to the eyes there really is no defining shades. They all basically look the same. The other HUGE thing I noticed with this palette was the lasting powder. With the 1st palette I could go 10 hours without seeing any fading or moving, but with the 2nd palette within hours I felt like my lid color had faded that it just didn't look like the same shadow I put on. I was really disappointed with this palette because I was expecting to love it so much. I think I would recommend this palette on overall quality, but I think you will just have to spend more time putting the shadows on and touching up throughout the day. 

Overall Thoughts:
So after reading my 'little' reviews on each palette I think it's clear that the LO'Real La Palette Nude #1 is my favorite. While both palettes have extreme quality to them and the shadows are stunning swatched on the arm, the #2 lacks the same effect on the eyes while the #1 gives the prettiest neutral everyday type of look. I personally wouldn't call these close to Urban Decay or Kat Von D for instance, but they are good contenders as they are easy to find at the drugstore, are somewhat affordable (or more affordable than high-end) and are something that a lot of people could enjoy using on an everyday basis. As for makeup artistry use, I think you could absolutely use these shadows in the right way, but I personally wouldn't invest in these palettes just to use them for makeup artistry purposes as you would get much better quality from other shadows and palettes. I'm happy to see the drugstore expanding its product range and bringing in my larger palettes and other unique products that only high-end brands have. I think this allows those who have less money to spend the opportunity to try similar products as those that cost triple the price.

Have you tried these palettes?
Which palette is your favorite and why?

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