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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Over the past couple of days if you've been a regular visitor to Little Beauty Bug you may have noticed that not only my layout has undergone some extreme changes. Today I'm going to share a post with you all about the changes that have been made and the changes that will still be up and coming to my blog. I finally sat down and took the time to really give Little Beauty Bug a complete overhaul right from the layout to my pages to my niche and so much more. As you can probably see there are many new things up in the navigation bar that I wanted to point out as well as some things that will be continuing to change. I apologize if this is kind of a long post or isn't as interested as my usual beauty related content but I wanted to let you all know about the new opportunities you will be able to have in collaboration with my blog.

About Page;
The about page as undergone a few simple little changes including focusing more on Little Beauty Bug by providing a brief description of the blog rather than all the information it had before about myself. I also included my launch date and contact information just as a little extra and so that you can all have an idea of what Little Beauty Bug is all about!

Beauty & Blogging Navigation;
These drop down menu's have not changed in my top bar and still contain the same links underneath of them. As Little Beauty Bug continues to grow its content I will continue to add more drop down menu's to those areas so keep your eyes out!

Blog Design Navigation;
This is the biggest and best change to Little Beauty Bug thus far. I originally was planning to open my own Etsy Shop to sell blog designs including templates, media kits and much more. After doing some serious thinking, I came to the conclusion that why would I put another $30 template or $100 branding kit on the market. Little Beauty Bug has always been about providing things for viewers that others bloggers or internet individuals haven't. This got me thinking that to fill the gap I would offer my designs free of monetary value. This does not mean that the designs will be free, there will be some form of payment in things like a shout out on Twitter or a blog post (these can be discussed more in-depth view e-mail, if you are interested). Since there is a lot of information to tell you about these designs and things, just click on the 'Blog Design' link and there will be a whole page full of really great information for anyone who wants to use one of my designs. Don't forget to also see the drop down menu that's there, these will separate my designs into their categories! Happy looking!

PR/Contact Navigation;
This is another small element to Little Beauty Bug that has changed. The contact page is now in the form of a drop down menu which features the basic 'contact' page as well as a section of information all about the 'free advertising' that Little Beauty Bug offers. I also decided to add a page in my contact section which includes links to brands that I have previously collaborated here on my blog. I thought this would be a great way to feature some of my favorite content as well as being honest and open with my viewers about which content is PR sample related. For more information on those pages, you can visit the drop down menu in my navigation bar!

Disclosure Page;
Last but certainly not least the is famous disclosure policy. Recently I have completely redone the disclosure page including everything from PR samples, sponsorship, giveaways and even more. If you have a question about anything featured here on Little Beauty Bug chances are I have already answered your questions on the disclosure page. If you find that the page doesn't provide you enough information please feel free to contact me in the comments of that page or my e-mailing me directly.

 I hope you all decide to take a look around what is new here on Little Beauty Bug and I hope that you are just as happy with the changes as I am. I hope to have more beauty and blogging content up soon. I'm hard at work on some new posts but also will be very busy with appointments and the start of my brand new job next week. I'm hoping to get as many things done as possible before then. Thank you all for sticking by me through this new stage of my blogging life and please let me know what you think of my re-brand!

What do you think of Little Beauty Bug?
Do my designs catch your interest?

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