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Friday, July 3, 2015

Who has an overloaded amount of palettes and doesn't know how to store them? Has your office filing organizer run out of room or has your drawer become too cluttered. I've had both of those things happen and I resorted to keeping my palettes in a storage bin on top of my makeup storage unit, which p.s. looked ugly! Recently I was looking through the shelves of our newly opened Winners store and I came across this awesome wooden filing system. It isn't anything fancy, but it was large and sturdy and would work perfect for the palettes that I wanted to keep at arms length. Sadly, I believe this retailed for $20 in Winners and I wasn't about to shell over that price for some wood when I probably could DIY myself something (considering I made my ENTIRE makeup storage, this would be no issue)!

So as usual I keep checking back at Winners and finally I spied the last one on sale for just $11, which was much more in my price range so I grabbed in. Sadly, the wood did have a few marks and dings in it but nothing I can't paint over at a later date if I think it looks really bad. So after trying to decide what to put in the organizer I decided that it would be best if I kept my high-end and most used palettes in it for right now, that way I could see if the storage would be functional for everyday use. The other really great thing about this organizer is that it is split into two sections which makes it really easy to line palettes one in front of the other and still be able to see what's behind or in front of them. I also think this allows the organizer to be more sturdy and helps if you plan to have it in a more unsafe spot in your room.

So far I'm really in love with the storage, it sits perfectly on top of my makeup storage and currently holds 11 palettes with some extra room for a few more. I also love the taupe grey shade of this as I think it really compliments my disorganized decorated room (I'm no interior designer that's for sure). I think if you have the traditional filing organizer where you are storing your palettes you are off to the perfect start but I would suggest investing in something that has multipurpose functions like a wooden organizer. It also allows you to have much more control over what you store in it, how you store it and where you store it. Right now mine sits on my makeup storage as I've said which is in front of a large window. Because makeup can spoil in the sun the wood helps to protect some of the palettes or other products that I could store in it. 

I like to think this form of storage is unique, but I'm sure many other people have gone out and purchased something similar. I thought I would share a little bit of my storage methods with you all because I know how hard in can be 1) having a small room and 2) having an ever-growing makeup collection. I'll be sure to keep you updated via Twitter at how the storage works out, but for now I'm in love with it and in functioning the exact way that I want it to!

How do you store your palettes?
How many palettes do you own?

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