LO'Real Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream Review!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Being on Accutane has killed my makeup vibe the last couple of months, but I'm starting to come out on the other end and I'm finally starting to be able to wear some more makeup. Sadly, full coverage foundation is still a chore for me both getting it on and making it look right to removing it at night. I'm so glad BB Cream's are out on the market today to help us dry skinned girls out when we need a boost. Recently I've been all about BB Creams and I've been trying out several to see how my skin will react and how they perform on my extremely dry skin (one of the main side effects of Accutane). LA Girl, LO'Real and Joe Fresh are just a few brands that have caught my attention and obviously LO'Real has made a big enough impression for me to share it as a full blog post with you all.

First off, like always I managed to snag this BB Cream on sale from a local grocery store for 50% off. I believe that this BB Cream retails for about $12 at WalMart and higher at some other drugstores here in Canada. This also comes in a variety of shades including; Fair to Deep as well as Anti-Redness and Anti-Fatigue. The one thing that made me purchase this BB Cream despite the sale was that it was LO'Real. Generally when I think of the brand I think of higher quality and luxury while at the same time still being good for the skin and a really well-respected brand all around. When I first went to swatch this I was really surprised to find that this BB Cream comes out of the tube white, which you can see in my image below. As you begin to blend the BB Cream in it then turns to the shade that you have purchased. I'm not 100% sure why it does this or if it does this to match the tone of you skin better but it is a unique factor that I've never experienced before. 

So after testing this for a handful of times now I'm really impressed with this BB Cream over many of the other one's I have tried. The most important factor is that this BB Cream is 'medium' coverage and is slightly buildable on top of that. Trust me you aren't going to get full coverage or a foundation look, but it certainly does help really even out your skin tone and cover slight imperfections and colored spots. the other great thing is that this BB Cream is super light that it feels like nothing when you place some onto your fingers to blend into your skin.

While this is an amazing BB Cream for my skin, it's sadly, not a great color match when rubbed in. After doing some quick rubbing in the BB Cream is very orange on the skin, this could however, be that my skin tone is more on the pink-cool toned side. I can get this BB Cream to work for me though if I really blend in the product using a beauty blender to pat the product in and then a brush in circular motions to really get the product deep into the skin. I also have to be really careful and blend this well down my neck just in case it does oxidize, which I haven't personally noticed yet. But since the color match is a bit off for me it's better to blend it down the neck further to help match the rest of my body. Overall, I'm really enjoying this BB Cream and I can't wait to use it some more and see what I can do with it and play around with some other products with it as well.

What is your favorite BB Cream?
What is your favorite product from LO'Real?

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