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Friday, July 17, 2015

For some reason, summertime is the only time that I really focus and listen to music and in specific a playlist of my favorite music. Sometimes I also listen to lots of old music from past summers. But since 2015 Summer is obviously upon us, I've actually found some amazing new music for this summer and to jam to in my brand new car (yes, I bought a car a month or so ago). I thought this would be a fun little post to share with you and give you a peek inside my everyday life through music. I don't feel like I listen to anything different than the average person, but I'm not a fan of overplayed radio songs. I prefer to find my own music that fits my own taste and that has some meaning to me. Here are my current playlist favorites;

Love is Your Name - Steven Tyler
This Summer's Gonna Hurt - Maroon 5
Talking Body - Tove Lo
Losing Sleep - John Newman
Black Widow - Iggy Azalea
Satellite - Nickelback
Black Magic - Little Mix
Poison - Rita Ora
Honey, I'm Good - Andy Grammar
Bad Blood - Taylor Swift
See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

What are your favorite summer songs?
What are you favorite songs in general?

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