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Friday, August 21, 2015

Eyeshadows seem to be the one product out of all the makeup products that never fails me. Even if the eyeshadow is of lesser quality, I seem to be able to work with it even if that means spending ten extra minutes on my eye makeup for the day. Because there are so many eyeshadow formulas, textures and finishes out there on the market I love reviewing them for you to read. And it's even better when they cost $5, are from a brand I love and are something that are extremely worth the investment. Today I'm going to spend some time talking about the Essence All About...Eyeshadow Palettes. I currently own four different versions and colors of these palettes, but I believe there to be 5 or 6 in the line total. When I first spotted these shadows at my drugstore my immediate reaction was to save my money for something else. I did that and then I was happily gifted some to try as a PR sample from the brand. After doing my testing and playing around with these in very different ways, I now am confident enough to talk more in depth about the product for you ladies & gents.

All About Candies Eyeshadow Palette:
Retail Price: $4.99 (USD)
This palette contains a variety of light white based pastel shades. When swatched they do appear slightly tinted in their pastel colors, but they apply quite sheer but extremely shiny. I found the light purple and the light green to be the two shadows that were harder in the pan than the other shadows. These two shades also weren't as buttery and smooth as all the others from the palette. As for wearing this palette, I always recommend wearing an eyeshadow base and a white colored base with any shiny or glittery shadow. These last for an entire work day and do stay pretty and shiny all throughout the day. Most of the shadows are buttery, soft and smooth and apply really easily both dry and wet. I just wish this palette had a little bit more of that color pigment to make these shades stand out really well on the lids. 

All About Nudes Eyeshadow Palette:
Retail Price: $4.99 (USD)
This was the very first palette that I tried of the four and is probably the one that I enjoy the most for creating a really soft and natural glowy eye look. All of the shades but one has the same shiny finish as the previous palette. The only shade that is semi-matte is the bottom middle shade which is a beautiful warm-toned taupe shade. I also noticed that the lighter shades were the shades that were harder to pick up product from in this palette. I had to layer the lighter shades in the swatches twice, but I find when applied wet to the eyes they come out extremely pretty. My favorite shade has to be the burgundy maroon shade, it's also the most pigmented in the palette and blends effortlessly. These also have the same smooth, soft and buttery texture as the previous palette. However, I find this palette to have much more pigment than the All About Candies Palette.

All About Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette:
Retail Price: $4.99 (USD)
This palette is a perfect one if you are looking for something for this summertime, or  looking to add a pop of color to your eyeshadow drawer. This is my 2nd favorite palette of the four that I own. Not only do I love this for the beautiful gold shade that's found on the bottom row on the left. But I also love this because it doesn't contain a matte shade, and because the shades are extremely pigmented, smooth, easy to work with and last a really long time on the eyelids. I feel like this palette makes it so easy to create an entire all over the lid look without struggling to find the perfect shade, because they are all within the palette. I will say this palette can create some fallout because the shadows are so soft, but clean up is easy and something I can live with for the pretty look that this palette creates. I will also say since this palette is so warm toned, that my cool-toned eyeshadow lovers might not enjoy this as much. But it also might be a nice inexpensive option to add to your eyeshadow drawer if you're looking to try warm shadows. And once again these shadows have the same smooth, soft, buttery texture as all the palettes before it.

All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Palette:
Retail Price: $4.99 (USD)
Now for the last and final palette and also my favorite. This the Chocolates Palette and of course you all knew I love we some chocolate and this palette is no acception. I love this palette because it gives two very distinctive eyeshadow trios (top row and bottom row) that can create quite similar but different looks. While my images make all the shadows appear warm toned, I assure you that the bottom row of shades is much more cool-toned. This palette does give a very natural and beautiful everyday look but can be paired with other shadows in your collection to create a variety of looks. Like the other palettes, the formula is also top notch. I actually feel like of the four palettes this one has the best formula being smooth, soft, pigmented, blendable, easy to work with and everything in between. I also notice very little to zero fallout from any of these shadows. I also really enjoy that some of these shades have a semi-matte finish rather than the metallic finish or super shiny finish that many of the other palettes contain.

Overall I'm beyond impressed with these Essence shadows and actually many times when I'm using them I compare them to the Kat Von D shadows from the Monarch and InnerStellar Palette. Kat Von D has some of the most pigmented and smooth shadows that I have tried and if anyone else has you will know what I'm talking about. I think these $5 Essence Palettes are right up there alongside of those and compete with them very well. You can still tell that Essence shadows are of lesser value and quality, but not by much. Essence has been a brand I have loved for quite some time now and I was very thankful when I saw these little palettes come out. While I didn't purchase any at the time I was very thankful to receive these as a PR Sample and I was really surprised at how well they performed and lasted on the eyes. These are definitely something I recommend for anyone in the makeup field and especially for those just wanting to try out makeup. Because Essence is so affordable I think they are perfect for all people. I also want to say that just because they are a cheaper brand that many of their products are not like ELF's which can be very hit or miss. I find all of the Essence products to be of the same quality and value, I have only actually found one product that doesn't work for me and it has nothing to do with the product and more to do with my sensitive and irritated eyes! So if you stumbled across and Essence display, I urge you to pick a few things up and give them a test yourself!
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** 3 out of 4 of these palettes were sent to me by Essence Cosmetics as PR samples. However, the decision to review and talk about these products was left up to me. My review of these products will in no way be influenced by others reviews or my contact with the company. **

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