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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hey Beauties! Today I'm sharing with you one of the most exciting posts I think I will ever share here on my blog to date. As my blog grows so do my opportunities and my life changes. Recently I bit the bullet, so you would say, and I contacted a few brands about some of their products being featured here on Little Beauty Bug. One of those brands is clearly LA Splash, I was so excited to speak with Carmela, part of the distribution team here in Canada. She so kindly sent me a large goody box filled with amazing things for me to try and of course some goodies to giveaway (which will be coming up once I collect all the other prizes, stay tuned). One of the most exciting things hiding in my box of goodies was the famous Lip Couture Liquid Lipsticks. If you follow LA Splash on Instagram, Twitter or any other social media website you will see the beautiful array of colors and shades as well as the people who wear them. Today I thought I would share my review of these products as well as some REALLY important information for my Canadian followers about LA Splashes products and website. I wanted to send a huge shout out to Carmela and the LA Splash brand for being so generous and allowing me to feature some products on my blog. This has been a huge milestone in my blogging life and I am so happy to share such a wonderful experience with a wonderful brand and staff. Now without further rambling, let's begin;

Product Information;
**Direct from the LA Splash Canadian Website!
Price: $15.99 (CA)
"Lip Couture's rich waterproof shades will leave a velvety, matte finish that never transfers. Experiment with our boldest high pigmented shades - from neutral to solid black. With its innovative formula that glides on as liquid and dries matte, you are sure to turn heads! Use the Lip Couture Remover to effortlessly remove the lipstick and leave your lips super moisturized and cushiony soft."

When you first look at these products you automatically will think they are pretty. They have a beautiful gold top along with gold lettering telling you what the product is. The only thing I do worry about is if the gold lettering will rub off of the package from continued use. They also come with a sticker on the bottom with the names of each shade, thankfully these shade names are easy to read in big white letters. Last but not least is the applicator. Like many Liquid Lipstick products, these have a  traditional doe-foot applicator. However, this applicator is much longer and becomes quite flat and tiny near the end. This allows for better control when placing the product onto your lips. 
These Liquid Lipsticks are extremely pigmented, as you can probably tell from my swatches above. These swatches were done in one pass and as you can tell there is some skin peeking through, but I promise you once these have dried down on your lips they are fully opaque. I will also tell you that these are more of a watery consistency. This isn't to say that these will slip around on the lips or anything, it just means that these will be easier to apply from the applicator. After putting these on I did notice that they do accentuate dry patches on the lips, like all Liquid Lipsticks make sure your lips are in great condition before applying these. Once applied, these do dry down to a matte finish and they do feel slightly drying on the lips. However, this is so slight that it didn't really bother me. If you felt like these were too dry you could apply a lip balm underneath or on top. But if you do this trick the product will probably not appear matte on the lips anymore. I also felt like, the best way to apply these was to apply one layer, make sure it sets in place really good and then apply a second layer just to fix any mistakes or patchiness that I may have caused when applying. LA Splash also states in their description about the product to use there remover designed specifically for this product. I do have to tell you that these products do not move. I tested this on my arm and I had the swatches last for two days and I still had to remove them. As for the lips, I wouldn't generally leave something on that long just to test the longevity. When you go to remove this product though I feel like the best thing that works is the Marcelle Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. It takes every last bit of the product off of the skin and lips.
I am so grateful and thankful that I was able to try these products out for you guys and give you some good feedback. Liquid Lipsticks have been all the rage lately in the beauty community and I think LA Splash has some really good one's to add to the market. I will also say that before this I had not tried any true Liquid Lipstick Formulas so I don't have anything to compare it to. I will be trying to get my hands on some more in the future to review but as for right now I honestly think I will stick to LA Splash because I really love the way these feel and the shades are beautiful. I also have to say that I'm loving the company as a whole and the things they do for their consumers as well. Spending $15.99 on a lip product might be out of some people's budgets who read my blog, but I promise you that they are worth every penny you are spending. I highly recommend the products and if you have any questions about products myself and LA Splash are always happy to answer them for you :)
So if you are Canadian and on the hunt for an excellent Liquid Lipstick and decide to go for LA Splash PLEASE remember to order from the CANADIAN website. If you go to the USA Website and order products you will be paying considerable more for shipping and duties whereas if you order from the Canadian website you will be saying a flat shipping rate and it will be much lower than the one you would have paid through the USA website! While LA Splash might be a USA based company they do have an excellent Canadian Website, Canadian Staff as well as amazing shipping fee's and services throughout Canada. Here's an example, if you purchase 1 Lip Couture on the LA Splash USA Website and include your taxes, shipping and duties you could be paying actually around $54.45 or more for ONE product. Whereas if you order 1 Lip Couture from the Canadian Website and include in your shipping fee you are actually be paying about $25.99! Can you believe the difference! So for all my Canadian ladies & gents who are thinking about ordering, MAKE SURE to order from the LA Splash Canadian Website for awesome savings! Here is their website;

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