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Monday, August 17, 2015

Is anyone else feeling the summertime heat getting to their heads and realizing that summer seems to be going too quick? I've been going through so many summertime emotions lately and I thought what better way to stop summer from ending then doing some blog posts related to a summertime theme. I thought today would be the perfect day to share with you a list of ideas that can brighten up your August and get you back in the swing of blogging. I also decided to keep these blog posts relatively short ones, because lets me honest we all want to be at the beach or spending time with your kids or doing something other than sitting in the hot house writing up a complicated blog post. Here are just a few of my suggestions;

A Day In The Life - I think it's always fun to see photographs of what you did on a particular day. Maybe you were just going to the beach or maybe just for a drive to pick up groceries. It's easy to stop and snap a few quick photos and discuss what you did. It's a no fuss but very interesting post for readers. 

Heat Proof Makeup Look/Travel Makeup Look - Maybe you are traveling around this summer and maybe you're carrying a handy little bag in your purse full of the products you just have to have. Put together a quick and fun little post of some of your favorite summertime appropriate products or even a makeup look of the products all used together for you 'travel-friendly' makeup look.

Monthly Favorites - Oh the good old monthly favorites post. These seem to never go out of style and everyone enjoys reading them. Maybe this month you can throw in a summer color scheme and only pick products of one color for a little personal twist. Or you could just stick to the traditional favorites and share even just three products with your viewers. They don't have to be long, boring and a challenge to write. 

Makeup & Beauty Hauls - Another really easy and well liked post it to just put together a haul. Snap a few quick pictures and write down the products you purchased. You don't have to go super in-depth or even write anything about them. It's quick, easy and effortless for all those girls out there who love buying makeup constantly (I'll admit I do).

Beauty Tag Post - If you are feeling low on real life inspiration for your blog try hunting down a famous blogging or Youtube tag. Take the questions and give yourself ten minutes to answer them. Add a quick intro and conclusion and you are all finished. These tag's give your readers something unique to read and also a glimpse into the perfect behind the blog.

What are your favorite posts to write in the summer?
What have you spent your summer doing?

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