Maybelline Face Studio Primer // Blur + Redness Control Review!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Since starting my job at Shoppers Drug Mart on the Cosmetics Counter, I've been asked by several people what primer they should use under foundation. I always went straight for the Maybelline Baby Skin because despite its thicker texture it really does a great job at being a silicone based primer and keeping makeup on all day. Over the past few weeks, I decided to search the drugstore walls and see if there were any others primers out there that would catch my attention. Maybelline's was the first to jump out at me because of its association with the Master Conceal and other products in Maybelline's already existing line-up. I thought this would be the best place to start because I already know Maybelline's foundations and concealers pretty well, but in the primer department I was lacking with knowledge for my clients and for you ladies (gents) as well.

I decided for my skin type and tone that the best primer option for me would be the Blur + Redness Control because of previous acne scarring and my sensitivity to the sun because of my Accutane. Maybelline also has two other versions of this primer in their line including Blur + Smooth and Blur + Illuminate. You can choose the best one depending on your skin type or what type of issues you are looking to try and get help with. By no means, is the redness correcting primer going to get rid of redness, but the color of the primer will help to neutralize the discoloration. (I get asked this questions a lot).  I won't stay on packaging too much as you can see exactly what the packaging is like from the images I have provided. This packaging is different from others because of the dispenser which is more of a spout than just a hole for the product to push through. I find this allows me to dispense just the right amount of product without any waste or without fear of contaminating other product going back into the tube.

As for the overall product, which I'm sure is why you are reading this review. The product comes out in a lightweight lotion type of consistency. When applied to the face it spreads and blends evenly and sinks into the skin leaving no color that indicates it was green tinted. This primer also doesn't have a strong silicone feeling, unlike the Baby Skin Primer that feels like that's all it's made out of. Once fully dried into the skin the primer is lightweight and not greasy or tacky. I also felt this primer gave a bit of hydration to it whereas some of the more silicone based primers I have tried did not. I usually give my primers a minute or two to set in before I apply any concealer or foundation on top of them. Once my foundation and concealer were on they set in beautifully over this primer and I had no issues of the products caking. Other than over my obvious dry areas which usually happens no matter what product I'm using. Overall, I'm really impressed and I would highly recommend this product to a friend or client looking for a foundation primer. The best candidate to try this primer would be someone who doesn't like a lot of heavy makeup but wants something to help extend the wear of the little bit of makeup they do wear. For my more full coverage, go all the way girls. I would still recommend the Baby Skin Primer, but I would also urge you to make sure you let that primer blend and sink into the skin well before applying anything on top of it.

What's your favorite primer from the drugstore?
What's your favorite high-end primer?

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