MUA 101: 1st Week Recap!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As most of you might be aware of by following me on social media, last week marked my first week of Cosmetology School in the Makeup Artistry Program. I thought I would take this time and journey to start a little mini-series here on my blog about my journey throughout makeup school and everything that I’m experiencing and that goes into learning the Makeup Artistry field. I’m going to try to post these once a month and they are going to be more of a lifestyle and just a chatty post ( so beware ). I’m going to try and cover as many topics as I can, as well as answering all of your questions. Today I thought I would start off fairly simple with just giving you all a recap and update on how my first week went, what I was expecting and what we did. Hopefully, this will be a great place to start and I will continue the series from there.

Makeup Artistry Course Textbook
Chapter #1 - Evolution of Makeup Artistry
Review Questions for Chapter #1 from the Textbook to prepare me for my 1st test!
Train case that out Makeup Artistry Kit comes in
Some of the items provided to us for our kit as well as some things I added
Some of the items provided to us for our kit as well as some things I added
Items in the bottom area of our kit including things provided to us and things that I added
Thursday evening class (Sept24th) when we got to experiment with face and body painting.
As I completed my first week of my Makeup Artistry Program I will be completely honest and say that I was underwhelmed. This wasn't on part of anything the school did wrong but more on my part. After being in the beauty community and cosmetics industry for quite some time now, you start to form an opinion and an expectation on everything. By everything, I mean products, people, the industry itself and everything that comes along with it. The school did a wonderful job at making us feel welcome, getting to know us, delivering us our kits and so forth. However, after leaving my 1st day I felt uneasy and was really concerned about how I would get on. Something you all might not know about me is that I find it hard to make friends easily. I feel like this was a huge contributing factor to my first-day expectations and so I kept an open mind and continued. 

On the second day we got to really dive into our 1st chapter which was learning all about the 'Evolution of Makeup'. This was a really great chapter to read about because it covered everything from how the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and so forth did their makeup. It was also really interested to see when the first companies evolved and why women wore makeup back then (because it wasn't for the same reasons we do today). After completing the 2nd day I felt much more comfortable with where I was at as far as schooling went. I still have my struggles; like the 2 hour or more drive to and from school. But I really got in a routine and was able to keep my mind open and learn to explore new avenues. On the third day, which is a night class, this is when we actually physically got to play with some makeup. We created some face painting and body paint arts (which I have displayed above). I really enjoyed the night classes because it meant not getting up at 5am and because of the creativity that the face/body painting allowed me to have.

Overall I'm really happy about the course, teacher, students, school and surroundings. As I am now into my 2nd week I do also want to let everyone know that I'm settling in really nice. I've learned some great information, played around with the day makeup and night makeup application and made some really amazing friends. As I continue to get further into my journey within the course I will be able to touch more on the details of what I'm learning, how I'm doing things and hopefully be able to share some pictures with you too! I do hope that you enjoyed this more lifestyle type of post from me (cause it darn sure wasn't an easy one for me to write, I don't do well with lifestyle posts). If you have ANY questions regarding the Makeup Artistry Course or the cosmetics industry in general, please be sure to leave them below as I will be answering them in an upcoming installment of this post! Please also be sure to let me know if this is a series you would like to see continued!

Have you went to Makeup School before?
What was your favorite & least favorite part of Makeup School?
If you haven't attended Makeup School, would you want to and why?

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