Life Happens: Makeup School, Graphic Designs & Blog Scheduling!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Getting into the Fall Spirit has never been easier than cute pumpkins, amazing makeup and great smelling candles :)
I hope you all have been having a fantastic beginning to your fall season and that your blogs are shining brighter than ever. It's been a while since I posted here on Little Beauty Bug and since I've been on social media. Since I finally gathered time in my busy Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I would sit down and write a quick little updates post to let everyone know what has been going on in my life. Several things - while not major - have been happening that have kept me away from the blogging world, my computer and the internet in general.

Makeup School:
As most of you may know from reading my last post or following me on social media, I did start Cosmetology School approximately 3 weeks ago for a Makeup Artistry Program. Since starting this program it has taken a lot more focus and dedication than any other course has taken me before. We have weekly tests and chapter readings along with many practicals to practice our application technique. Because of this much of my focus has been going to do really well on the tests (which yes I have done exceptionally well on). I also have been spending a lot of time resting and relaxing when I can, because believe it or not studying and reading textbooks does take a lot out of a person. Hopefully, my routine will start to settle with school soon and my content here on Little Beauty Bug will improve again. I haven't forgotten about the series I'm doing about Makeup Artistry School either and the next installment is in progress.

Graphic Design's:
I bet you didn't know that Little Beauty Bug now offers Premade and Custom Graphic Design Services! I'm thinking about doing a more in-depth post about the designs I currently have and then more posts once I launch new designs. As for right now you can find all of my designs under the 'Blog Design' drop down menu of my navigation bar. If you are interested in any of these designs please e-mail me with your questions, concerns or inquiries at - If you are interested in a completely CUSTOM design I am also more than welcome to discuss design opportunities, pricing, and graphic elements all through my e-mail as well. You can also contact me on Twitter, as sometimes I'm faster at replying there. However, I will reply to any e-mail messages with 48 hours!

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Social Media:
Social Media is something I love more than anything, I'm very social savvy and I try to connect and interact with as many people as possible. Over the last couple of months though some of my social media have really been slacking. Instagram is the prime platform that I am referring to. Now that I've been improving my photography skills I'm hoping this will now encourage me to use Instagram to reach a larger audience and to meet and interact with all of my followers, readers and friends some more. Stay tuned on Instagram for unique and interesting content as these images and links will exclusively be shown there (with some exceptions). I also hope to increase my activity on all of my social media accounts now that I'm getting settled into a more firm routine once again.

Accutane Update:
I also have some really scary and important news about my Accutane. Over the last couple of weeks (at the end of my 5th month) I started developing extreme hair shedding (hair loss). My hair was falling out in handfuls every single day. I made a quick call to my Dermatologist and she quickly got me in to see her. All in all, I will be finishing my 6th month on Accutane and then my process will be finished. I'm extremely nervous to finish the process for fear of my acne coming back but my dermatologist is going to keep a close eye on me with further visits and I will know more on my last visit in November. I've been really thankful for this process and the way I have progressed, but it has been a struggling process and something that takes a lot of thinking and decision making. I will have an entire post (or mini-series) coming about all the details of Accutane!

Blog Scheduling:
Since my school schedule and personal schedule are all over the place this means that for blogging my schedule is going to have to change slightly. So far I have figured out that I want to produce enough content to post two times per week, preferably on days that you guys (my readers) are the most active but that I can also be the most active. As for the days I am hoping to post on Wednesdays and Fridays. This gives me enough time over the weekend to produce new and fresh content. It also allows me to have time for school, friends and family. I love having a work-life balance and I believe this new structure and shorter blogging schedule will give me all of the things I desire. I also hope this schedule is going to work for all of you!

So those I believe are all of my updates that have been happening over the last couple of weeks. I am hoping that I will be able to get back into blogging and back in the groove of things once all of other elements are finalized. Remember to visit me on Twitter and Facebook if you want to hear all about the latest and greatest updates about what going on in my life and how my blog will progress from here while I attend school and have a busier lifestyle. There may be some other pending changes happening in my life and exciting projects coming up for me and Little Beauty Bug. Once again, I will be updating on all of these things on my social media as well as doing an update post for more serious issues. Thank you all for sticking by me in this down time and I hope that you will continue t stick with me in my blogging journey.

The photography in this post contains products that are PR samples. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

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